2015 Retreats Calendar

Women's Mindfulness retreat

6 - 11 September 2015 (fully booked)
21 - 26 August 2016
4 - 9 September 2016
Retreat leader:
Tammie Day

General Information: The purpose of this retreat is to restore your sense of balance and equanimity. Leave the human race behind and cultivate a sense of inner, abiding peace and contentment.

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Yoga and Wellness retreat

13 - 19 September 2015 (fully booked)
5 - 11 June 2016
11 - 17 September 2016
Retreat leader:
Jan Green

General Information: This retreat is your time for rejuvenation, nurturing and reconnecting with your true self, for laughing and having fun with life! Experience the powerful energy of Bali and a teacher dedicated to your transformation.

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Developing your Yoga Practice

20 - 25 September 2015
17 - 22 January 2016
3 - 8 April 2016
29 May - 3 June 2016

General Information: This retreat brings together two of our islands most inspiring yoga teachers; our in-house yoga teachers Wayan, a local Balinese, and Java-born Iyan. Both are graduates of “Yoga Arts School” in Byron Bay, Australia and have been successfully leading retreats for quite some years. Bringing together their shared knowledge, love and perspectives on yoga, meditation, mindful living and local culture, this retreat offers a perfect blend of different insights and practices.

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Optimize Your Life Yoga retreat

27 September - 3 October
Retreat leader:
Marije E. Paternotte

General Information: Join Marije for this 6-day yoga retreat in Bali, to detoxify your body, mind and soul! This retreat will significantly improve your vitality and well being, thus facilitating positive changes in your life.

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Escape the World

4 - 9 October (fully booked)
8 - 13 November
6 - 11 December
and more...
Retreat leader:
Iyan Yaspriyana

General Information: Escape the World retreat is designed for anyone desiring to touch base with the self, practice daily meditation and soft yoga while enjoying a unique and relaxing Balinese vacation.

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Immerse Yourself in Bali

11 - 16 October 2015
13 - 18 December 2015
3 - 8 January 2016 and more...
Retreat leader:
Wayan Partawan

General Information: During the six days of this retreat, go deeper in the daily yoga and meditation practice, enjoy blissful spa treatments, discover the beautiful countryside around Ubud by walking in the rice fields and taking an exhilarating bike ride from Kintamani and fall in love with Wayan's chanting.

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Healing and Spiritual Development with Yoga Pranala retreat

18 - 24 October
Retreat leader:
Linda Madani

General Information: Yoga is a form of spiritual development which strengthens your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. During this retreat, you will embark on spiritual journey and go through a process of spiritual rebalancing through pranayama, mantra chanting, asana, and meditation classes.

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Pure Iyengar Yoga retreat

25 - 30 October (fully booked)
Retreat leader:
Vivienne O'Brien

General Information: Relax, rejuvenate and let your yoga practice break through the boundaries of city life. Vivienne teaches Iyengar yoga which is focused on precision, alignment and safety in each pose to build strength, flexibility, stamina and balance.

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Follow Your Dreams

29 November - 4 December 2015
7 – 12 February 2016
19 – 24 June 2016

General Information: For different reasons, many of us simple human beings visiting this planet for a short period of time have difficulties to imagine living our lives to its fullest, often because we don't really know what this actually means. This retreat/workshop is designed to discover the hidden passions within, to draft a fresh road map and to learn how to reach our most valuable dreams.

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Breathe and Rejuvenate in Bali

24 - 30 January (fully booked)
Retreat leader:
Jennifer Prugh
Rebecca Bara

General Information: An amazing opportunity to practice yoga twice a day with Jennifer Prugh and Rebecca Bara. If you are looking for healing, rejuvenation, spending time with like minded people, this is the retreat for you.

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