10 Seconds with Gabriele McSween

IMG_20301. Why yoga?

Yoga balances your mind and body. It releases tension we keep inside from day to day stress we encounter. If the body is calm and free of tension, the mind is calm. Body and Mind work together. All we need is Yoga. It’s the key to our essential well being and inner balance.

2. How do you come back to inner peace?

Inner peace you will experience through the stillness in yin yoga. You are holding poses for a longer period of time and become very meditative and calm inside. Inner peace will be enhanced and nourished through the asanas, which will give you time to reflect.

3. Top wellness tip?

To create a healthy mind, you must create a healthy body and vise versa. You must nourish yourself with healthy, well balanced food, plenty of water, lots of sleep, keep a stress free life as much as you can and solve ongoing daily stress factors appropriately. Set clear boundaries with yourself, keep an open mind, be open hearted and foster healthy self love!


gabriele-mcsweenGabriele McSween is a certified Yin yoga teacher (200 hours RYT) and a prenatal teacher. She fell in love with the beautiful island of Bali during her travels and returned to do her teacher training through Yinspiration in Ubud, Bali. Today, she operates her own yoga studio in Ontario, Canada, teaching daily classes. She will be leading her Yin Yoga – The Power of Moving into Stillness retreat on 13-18 August 2017.

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