10 Seconds with Jan Green

Jan Green1. Why yoga?

Yoga is a complete system of connecting the body, mind and spirit, so that’s a really important thing for me and for all the people that I bring on retreat.

2. How do you come back to inner peace?

Take a deep breath, slow down, smile and move to meditation or relaxation and then of course, to a beautiful yoga practice.

3. Top wellness tips?

Live a healthy lifestyle. Do lots of yoga, lots of love in your life. Be surrounded by like-minded people. Eat well. Live well.


jan-greenJan Green brings the benefits of yoga and meditation to everyone – all ages, levels and backgrounds. Her wealth of knowledge and experience draws from her lifetime passion for health and wellness. Her inspirational teaching comes from a wide variety of classes, courses and international yoga retreats. Her upcoming Yoga and Wellness Retreat is on 4-10 June and 24-30 September 2017.

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