10 Seconds with Mark Ament


1. Why Cleansing?

I compare regular internal cleansing to changing the oil in your car frequently enough. We all know that our cars work much better when we keep them clean. Our bodies are no different. A well designed cleansing program gives our bodies much needed digestive rest as well as supports our major organs of detoxification including the skin, liver, colon and kidneys.

2. How do you come back to your inner peace?

The specific details of my path back to inner peace are always evolving, but the one constant at least for me is to fully accept this moment as it is. This sort of surrender is not always easy, but whenever I do manage it, I’m always led home.

3. Your top wellness tip?

Great question! There are so many to choose from. If I have to choose just one, I’ll say: “Take 3 deep breaths before eating and eat slowly. This inevitably helps your digestion and causes you to be more aware of when your satisfied.   Since most of us eat several times a day, the positive effects of this simple tip can add up quickly.”

markheadMark Ament is passionate about superfood nutrition and regular cleansing as part of a balanced lifestyle. Seeing tremendous health gains in his own life after regular cleansing 15 years ago, Mark studied the subjects of detox and raw food nutrition with some of the world’s best known teachers including Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and David Wolfe. He has been leading holistic cleansing retreats internationally since 2004. Read more about Mark

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