Meditation: Accepting – Understanding


By Margo Field

It’s so useful to live with an attitude of acceptance and loving kindness towards our dear sweet selves. Sometimes this is so hard to do…..!

Meditation offers us a way to find a place of deep acceptance of ourselves and others and it begins with being present and appreciating.

People meditate to control stress, feel better and manage life, but meditation also opens up opportunities to understand ourselves, gain insights and awaken. Importantly, meditation also offers us an opportunity to find a “higher” part of ourselves and accept ourselves for being human and here on a learning experience like all our fellow humans.

Let us look at it this way; at any point of time we are consumed with countless thoughts, mind chatters and emotional baggage at both conscious and subconscious levels. This prevents us from experiencing total understanding and acceptance.

Sit quietly and centre in your heart space. Notice your breath. Now, remember a time or place where even for a second you totally accepted yourself or even forgot yourself – maybe you were in nature, e.g. watching a sunrise or listening to the waves at a beach or melding into the sounds of the jungle. Remember now the feeling of being fully present. It is so sweet to re-member this feeling and time – you likely were very unconcerned about your “self”. Re-experience it. The more you practice this, even for a minute, the more you can accept yourself no matter what.

When you are present to the moment total acceptance of yourself unfolds and there is no longer any need to understand.

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