Ani Jumani, reservation staff

anijumaniBeing a mother of two kids is a joy to Ani, reservation staff of ONEWORLD retreats. She is the one answering your emails and handling reservations. She finds herself enjoying both roles; as a mom and a career woman. “Working offers opportunities to learn many new things as well as keeping us to be productive,” she revealed.

Joining ONEWORLD retreats in February 2009, the Javanese woman shares one of her valuable memories. “My first son was born in the first year of my career at ONEWORLD retreats,” she added, “now he is growing as fast as the company”. Having a kid also taught her to learn balance, something that later she concluded as the main ingredient of living a happy life. “I love my job and my family. Keeping the balance to nurture both is the secret to happiness. I am HAPPY.”

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