The Art Of Cleansing Your Body

By Mark Ament

Mark Biking In The Alps (1)

I have loved mountain biking since it first became a thing in the late 1980s. Growing up in Colorado, a new way to get out into the mountains got me really excited. My first bike was a bright yellow machine that I rode over stones and roots, through streams; in the rain, in the sun and sometimes even in the snow. I learned after my first season that mountain biking puts a lot of stress on a bike and that I would need to do some major maintenance. That winter I tore the bike down and cleared the dirt and gunk out of the moving parts so I could enjoy riding again. The effort was well worth it because I enjoyed riding even more the next season knowing that the bike would function as it was designed.

Mark Biking In The Alps (2)

Fast forward to the year 2000 and I started paying the same sort of attention to my body. I first learned that eating a diet based on raw, organic vegan foods made me feel quite a bit better. Then I discovered that I could use fasting and herbs to further clean the crud out of my body – much as I had done with bike. After completing my first round of cleansing (about 20 days) I felt so refreshed and renewed that I promised to keep cleansing at least once a year. I’ve kept that promise (it’s been easy) because I enjoy staying active and engaged in life. Cleansing never lets me down so the effort it takes to change my diet and add special herbs and other cleansing practices to my life for a time is always well worth it.

Over the years I’ve happily shared the power of cleansing with many friends and family members. I always look forward to my annual opportunity to give my body a break and support its healing. Actually I look forward to that as much or more than I do maintaining the bike.


mark-amentDuring the past 25 years Mark has immersed himself in the subject of natural health and healing and studied with some of the most well known teachers in the world. Mark’s specialty is in the area of living food nutrition and holistic cleansing. Mark is also a dedicated Qigong practitioner and teacher as well as a Reiki Master. Read more…


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