Building Compassion

Compassion is the light that disperses the darkness of the soul. It is the energy released by the nature to all human beings so they can feel respect and take care of each others. However, the inability to stay at the present moment is indicated as the cause of the failure to feel compassionate to even ourselves.

Living in the past or future will only lead one to anxieties and worries. Our desire to control something that is yet to happen, or the “addiction” to replay bitter memories on the screen of our mind; all of them uproot us from the present moment, leaving us confused and frustrated. Yoga teaches us to focus on the now, accepting what is and what we are.

As we move from one pose to another, we feel the increasing tension then the release, the breath, the drop of sweat. In each pose, we learn to listen to our body, accept its strength and limit… Can I do this pose? Should I try the more advance one? I feel dizzy, can I stop? By listening to what our body says, we learn to understand what it needs. We learn to take care; to be compassionate.

By and by, this feeling expands. This being compassionate to ourselves is not the end; it is just the beginning!

Once the candle of compassion in our heart is lit, the light will shine and reach others. Because the nature of compassion is that it has to be shared; it is like those heavy clouds containing rain. They must share to unburden.

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