Interview: Creativity Through Yoga

Accessing Creative Spirit in you could be the best way to reconnect with life. Creativity is the longing to create something, the urge the Life passes on to humans to beautify itself. Yoga leads one to become creative, as it teaches us centeredness and willingness to step outside our comfort zone.

How do you see yoga as something creative?

Diane: In my view, any time we get out of our heads and into our hearts to express ourselves, we are doing something creative. Yoga is that expression through movement, meditation, alignment, centeredness.
Chae: For me as a teacher, yoga is creative as I have to really dig deep sometimes to choreograph a class that will not only benefit my students in a physical way, but also entertain them and keep them motivated. I try not to teach the same class over and over again, and often change up the routine, so the students don’t get bored. As a practitioner, I find yoga helps me be more creative, as it is a “meditative” practice which opens up my mind and gets my creative juices flowing. I love thinking beyond the box, and without yoga I don’t think I could achieve that.

How can yoga help one to become more creative?

Diane: Becoming more creative requires that we step aside, surrender to what is and connect with our Center. When we do that, creativity flows. I can’t think of a better way to access that state of being than through yoga.
Chae: Often before I start a practice, whether I am the teacher or student, I will set an intention for myself. That is already something that triggers a line of creativity within my mind and soul. It broadens my mind enough for me to look at the world in a different way than just up and down or left and right.

What is the main ingredient one needs to become more creative?

Diane: The main ingredient to me is connecting to your Center, releasing fear and being willing to try something new. Once you do that, you can get out of your own way and surrender to creative ideas that come your way.
Chae: I feel it is important to be able to communicate well in whatever art form you are expressing.

Besides as an aesthetic expression, in your opinion, what is art all about?

Diane: Like life itself, art is all about going within, opening your heart, getting out of your own way, surrendering. I like to say that it’s so obvious where to find your art because it is always inside your heART.
Chae: Since art if subjective, it needs to trigger an emotion. When looking at a piece of art or reading a literary work, the conscious experience that I have is a major part of what art is to me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a positive feeling but anything that evokes or moves me.

How does the “Yoga and Art” retreat differ from others?

Diane: The great thing about our retreat is that not only we are focusing on our body and soul through yoga but we’re also connecting to our Creative Spirit through daily artistic exercises and surrounding ourselves with creative women. That combination is not only nurturing, it’s magical.
Chae: Our retreat will be an experience to help “open” us up in so many ways. We truly believe there is a “union” between yoga and creativity that we will all notice how they work hand in hand. I am excited to see how we feel about ourselves after the retreat is over. I am convinced by exploring our creative side, and using yoga to help us do that, it will also open our minds and hearts to all the other challenges we face in everyday life.

Who should join the retreat?

Diane: Any creative, soulful woman out there who is looking for a transformational experience to nurture her body, mind and Creative Spirit in a beautiful, tropical location with amazing women from around the globe.
Chae: Anyone can and should join this retreat! If you are keen to feel better about yourself and how you see the world, plus have A LOT of fun and hang out with some incredible, interesting women, please join us!!!

Diane Rakocy is a professional artist. She has a Master in Education and several years experience helping women tap into their creativity. Chae Hirano is a certified Pilates Instructor with Romana’s Pilates aka the New York Method of Pilates with 600 certification hours. They will lead the “Yoga and Art Retreat” from January 19 – 24, 2013.

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