Creativity: Transformation and Expression


Existence seems to be always in its creative moods. Day to day, if we are willing to see the details, we can see that life is busy creating. A piece of dry leaf, falls to the earth, turning into compost, which nourishes the soil and feeds a seed until it sprouts and grows as a tree. This is how the dead leaf is brought to life and takes a new form; perhaps, as a different type of tree. This is how death seems to be nonexistent in front of Creative Force that always works. Creativity is Life itself.

One of Hindu deities in Trimurti (Hindu Trinity), Shiva, is known as the Transformer. He functions to destroy the universe, such to create space for a new life to happen. But laymen may recognize this act of “transformation” as a mere destruction, but seeing it a little deeper, we can find that something is about to emerge after such happening.

It is said eruption brings out minerals that make the soil become more fertile. Despite the horrible event the eruption could be; how it may harm people, destroy their houses and kill their livestock, the more-fertile soil promises better crops, which means better lives for farmers.

Creativity is transformation. It is an expression! A Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan once said that nature is the creative expression of God and art is the creative expression of men. There is no wonder if the rattle of twigs disturbed by the wind, or simply the sound of drizzle knocking the roof, triggers one to write a rhyme or to make a song. It is Nature, the God’s artwork that allures human to create something beautiful, an artistic expression—an art!

Excite your creative spirits while staying in a “midst of the jungle” resort in, Ubud—the art center of Bali. During Diane and Chae’s “Yoga and Art Retreat”, you will learn how to open and empower yourself through yoga then express your being with art. No specific skills in art are required.

When: January 19 – 24, 2014

Where: ONEWORLD retreats, Ubud, Bali

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