Deep Writing by Robin Sparks



Deep writing comes from our bodies, our breath, and our ability to remain solid in the places that scare us. If comes from merging with what we are writing.

Breath work is one very effective practice to take you there. If you have never done breath work before, you are in for a treat!  You will be amazed at how a breath practice will take you to a deeper, more authentic level in your writing.

In Breath Life Into Your Book retreat Oct 6-11, 2013, we will approach our writing using all of our senses.


Writing tends to be a solitary practice. This retreat is a chance to share your writing project with others. As writers we will compare the challenges we face with our manuscripts and the insights we have gained along the way.

Intellect and practice:

Daily writing exercises and prompts will be provided to create stimulate further inspiration and solutions.


Guest authors will share their processes of writing and publication with our group.

Kinesthetic & Sense Stimulation:

A least two guided excursions into Bali, plenty of quiet time, massages, and delicious, healthy meals will give your writing a chance to blossom in a space of relaxation and quiet.


Many authors talk about getting new ideas or solving plot problems while on a walk, or in the shower, or in their dreams. When they are not focusing the machine of the mind on the problem, answers often surface through other channels. Deep writing requires you to access all your channels, not just one. Breathwork helps to move you out of your thinking center and into a place of reeling and sensation. It’s in the place of feeling that you are present and where your authentic voice can clearly come forth.

A few of the ideas that we will explore in our writing retreat:

*We associate writing with the intellect, but the truth is that authentic stories come from within our bodies, where our experiences are stored, those expressed and those unexpressed, even forgotten. They are there, waiting for us. When we realize we are carrying these stories within us, expressing them is the next natural step. It is during the breathing process that the memories of these stories rise to the surface. You will be amazed! In this retreat we will help you find and cultivate that space within yourself.

*Connecting with your readers. Who are they exactly? What are they struggling with and what do they most need to gain from your story? How do we speak to someone’s soul? Through story we touch souls and it lives on forever. Your core message will come out of the message of your life.

*How to organize your book in the fastest and most efficient manner.


Robin lo resRobin Sparks, is a facilitator and teacher of writing workshops around the globe. Her stories and photographs have been published in hundreds of magazines and newspapers and her online blog has been going strong since 2003. Sparks is enjoying the process of writing her first book about her trans-global search for “home”. Sparks is a Level Four Clarity Breath Worker and a global citizen, who is based in Bali and lives part of each year in Turkey and California. 


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