Family Yoga Retreat

Quality family time in BALI

AUGUST 8 – 13, 2010

ONEWORLD retreats – Kumara is one of the only few places that offers the opportunity for both parents and children to practice Yoga and relax in the beauty of an inspiring environment. Besides being the best island in the world, Bali is filled with traditions and wisdom.

Our intention is to offer families opportunities to live memorable experiences during and after the journey. Discovering a far away culture that embraces ancient traditions and modern comfort helping to support our search for our true potential in a nurturing environment.

By mixing with less fortunate Balinese natives, western kids have the opportunity to discover a reality that should undeniably help them express feeling of sharing, compassion, open their eyes and hearts to gratefulness and thankfulness.

Yoga for parents and children offers tremendous benefits on and off the mat!

Iyan will be leading the yoga classes for the grownups. His meditation and yoga classes are a soft approach to what may become part of one’s daily life. Through meditation and yoga, people from around the world and all levels of society have reached incredible results in balancing the body, mind and spirit therefore achieving more focus and in control over life’s daily events.

Wayan Partha will be teaching yoga to the kids. Yoga is fun, inclusive & non competitive. Yoga helps develop healthy kids encouraging them to utilize all their muscle groups which in turn develop strength and coordination. Yoga supports creativity, social skills and relaxation that promote a healthier, happier life.

The intention behind this retreat is to offer both parents and children the opportunities to live experiences with benefits that will remain with them offering long after their stay at Kumara. To discover a far away society living between the ancient traditions and the new world is a way to realize our own identity.

I have felt a beautiful and genuine love when I met Ketut and his extended family of more than 30 children! Ketut is in charge of the orphanage ONEWORLD is sponsoring through this retreat. Whilt most children are orphans, they are not all but life hardship for some families has meant that they had no other choice than to separate from their children with the hope to provide them with a better future.
The way the orphanage leaders express their unconditional love to those children is most inspiring, and the unconditional love that radiates from everyone engaged in the orphanage is most contagious!

Participating in this retreat vacation will help everyone; besides a portion of the retreat profits going to the foundation, the more privilege kids are invited to bring over to Bali what is no longer a must in their personal lives and can spare to someone else that will appreciate it.

This retreat is definitely a family retreat, but the parents are not forgotten and have plentiful of ‘me time’ to enjoy relaxation, spa, and cultural experiences on their own, whilst in the knowledge that their children are taking care of and enjoying their own fun time!

If you have any questions regarding this unique program, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

We sincerely hope to have you and your children for an enjoyable alternative lifestyle that is designed to satisfy all your senses!

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