“What you focus on, expands” (anonymous)

I recently returned from a 40 days pilgrimage (my own Escape the World), it was an amazing way to end the year. I am back, feeling well and there is no doubt that I have been touched by this spiritual venture into the self with religious rituals involved. The experiences that I lived at Mecca allowed to go deeper and some undisclosed and unconstructive emotions such as fears, feeling of hatred came up that makes you realize something is bothering you, now what is it?

My self revealed that I’ve been sleeping with my past for too long. It is the easy path to fall into the ‘poor me’ resulting in somehow blaming others such as my parents and close family, the communities that I have grown up with, different circumstances of the past. These emotional feelings are negative and they are a weight that I have been carrying. And focusing on such emotions makes them expand! Time to wake up Iyan!

I realized that I was not honest enough to myself and I ask for a change in this coming year 2012. It is important to move forward and cut with the past, it will never come back anyway! The present and the future is the only time that will move me forward, sticking with the past keeps one moving on, but not necessarily forward.

I must remind my self that “one moment at the time continuously evolving” remains part of my belief system! I should not be afraid of the change; everything is changing except “change” itself.

I must be able to move forward and to incorporate the fast changing of the world today. And I have to be able to change from Darwinian: “Survival of the fittest” into “Survival of the greatest”.

Now, how to achieve this? First, I have to accept myself as who I really am. I must be able to utilize the potentials I have to reach my dreams, to reach what I really want out of my life. It is time to focus on what really matters in MY life and what makes ME happy.

I affirm to myself: “What I focus on, expands”, and this is one of my mantras now.

Wishing everyone a very focused New Year 2012!


Iyan YaspriyanaIyan Yaspriyana is a yoga teacher, retreat leader, owner and co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats. His Escape the World program has grown to be a jewel in the world of retreats. Iyan’s method of teaching yoga reflects his view of life… one moment at a time and continually evolving. He is very happy to share from his vast knowledge and life experience. Read more about Iyan

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