Going Through the Process

Relating is risky yet we cannot live without relating. Human is a social animal that depends on each others, hence it is hardly possible to live without having any interaction with others. And if we think of relating as the meeting of two or more beings having different qualities, there is always a chance of being hurt or misunderstood.


Looking back, we might find some hurtful situations that have left us wounded. But instead of looking directly to the source of the pain, we started making denials. And as Linda Madani said on her blog post, sometimes people get identified with their illness; unconsciously think that the illness is a part of their being. While this is not true, it can hinder the process of healing.


Yes, healing is a process. It takes time to heal as it takes time to master an asana.
In “Healing and Spiritual Development with Yoga Pranala” retreat, Linda will teach us how to heal ourselves with yoga. Combining yoga practice and an ancient Balinese healing system, Linda has helped many clients to deal with their problems.


When: December 2 – December 8, 2012

Where: Kumara Sakti, Ubud, Bali

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