How Meditation Solves Your Problems

It is technically impossible if a problem can be solved without you’re trying to do anything with it. We must analyze, learn the roots of the problem, then try to find a way out. The problem is not automatically solved once we find a solution, though. Sometimes it does not work, and we have to come up with another option.

Meditation may not give a direct answer we need as what we might want it to be. A personal trainer and meditator Margo Field said, meditation serves as a “circuit breaker” that allows mind to relax and wind down. In a relaxed state of mind, we regain our ability to listen to our inner wisdom. So, basically, meditation enhances our ability to listen, to be attentive, hence the answer to our problems can be heard. As it is once said, the universe is always talking to us; the problem is that we don’t listen.

In developing this ability of listening, you may want to start doing a kind of meditation that suits your type. Margo Field is going to disclose various types of meditation in her retreat, “The Six Sense Meditation, Awakening, and Discovery Retreat” this December.

Where: ONEWORLD retreats Kumara (Kumara Sakti)

When: December 9 – 14, 2012

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