Kundalini Experience


My best memory about Inner Energy has been the awakening of Kundalini. Before that, my knowledge of the kundalini was only theoretical, and to be honest, I was not completely convinced. I was a false believer without true experience.

But everything changed when I received Shaktipat from my first master Swami Muktananda. He first started to hit the top of my head with a small bunch of leaves, then he touched my Third Eye with his thumb.

At the same time I was supposed to repeat the mantra “Om namo shiva ya”, but even now I don?t remember if I was able to say only one word …

The whole of my spine became stiff. I felt myself completely paralyzed, unable to move, to breathe. Suddenly I was filled by an unbelievable light. It was a state that even now I cannot describe but it changed completely my view on the inner Energy. This experience made me a real true believer.

Even now my experience is beyond words and the only thing I can say is: Believe in this Energy, which is already inside you, just open your heart, and beyond any expectation, one day “SHE” ( Sacred Healing Energy ) will appear,

Trust me !

With Love and Blessings
Amjila M.D.


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