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418940_469568029776820_863172814_nConnect your mind and body through yoga and Pilates practice. Pilates and yoga demonstrates how each practice could be beneficial to improve our wellness. While yoga focus on the spirit, especially through meditation,  Pilates focus on creating an understanding how the connection between the mind and body can help us in everyday life. Here we have Anthony Lett and Kym Croft explain about improving health and well being through Pilates.

What is the focus of a Pilates practice?

To coordinate body, mind and spirit through intelligent movement

What are the benefits of doing Pilates?

Numerous! To keep it brief Pilates is a whole body exercise system performed via a repertoire of floor exercise and also exercises performed on equipment specific to Pilates.

Pilates can be practiced for everyday health and wellbeing or be tailored to more specific needs – for example to enhance an athlete’s performance or rehabilitate an injury. Key concepts include improving strength and flexibility, coordination and control, self-awareness and efficient movement.

Is there any age or health restriction in practicing Pilates?

Pilates can be adapted to suit many ages ranging from children up to senior adults.  Pilates can be practiced with health concerns being considered throughout the exercise regime, if the participant feels physically well enough to do so. Certain pathologies for example –  an acute back injury may require more specialized assistance until the acute phase has passed. Pilates can then be particularly helpful with rehabilitation of the injury and prevention of future occurrences.

What is the significance of doing meditation prior to doing Pilates?

Meditation develops awareness and focus for the body and mind.  These benefits can then translate to the practice of Pilates and enhance a person’s ability. The development of mindfulness through meditation also enhances general daily life activities, behavior and the management of stress.

Who should join your retreat?

Any person who would like to maintain or improve their health and well being. Considering the steep location of the retreat, participants should have a basic level of fitness with no current injuries.


Pilates and Stretching Retreat, 2013- ONEWORLD retreats, Kumara Sakti – Ubud


anthony-lett_216_305Anthony Lett began Pilates in Melbourne in the early 1990’s when there were only two studios in the entire city! Anthony was first introduced to Pilates through his sister Geraldine, a well know international ballet dancer. A serious tennis player (and coach) at the time, he employed Pilates to enhance his performance, and was subsequently awarded the distinction of both the Victorian and Australian Tennis Coach of the year.


kym_pilates_baliKym Croft has been active in the health industry as a Remedial Massage Therapist for 12 years. In conjunction with this she operates Fitzroy Pilates Studio with Anthony Lett. In 2004 her interests grew to combine health with travel and from this developed ‘Pilates Retreats’. In May 2009 she will have completed Travel Consultant qualifications which will further develop her health and travel interests.

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