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Interview with Natalie Bondine

Understanding our bodies’ reactions to food and making the necessary adjustments in our diet can have a profound effect to our energy system. It can also be a key to shift our mind into a state of greater clarity. Natalie Bondine explains how we can adopt a wellness lifestyle.

What inspired you to become a wellness practitioner?

Through my own childhood illness, I was led to explore other options to heal myself. It is an ever evolving practice, and we are so lucky to live in an age of technology that brings information on cutting edge wellness practices to age old wisdom of healing. I live, eat and breathe what I practice every day – and I’m definitely work in progress! Now, the next evolution for me is to share and empower others to find their truth or their healing.

How do you define “raw food”?

Well, technically to Raw foodists, it means nothing is heated above 43*C to protect the enzyme value and it must come from a plant. Remember that enzymes are like our spark plugs. These days, I have a more liberal approach and for me, it just means that food is unadulterated, preferably organic, no processing and is based on the bounty of plants from the earth.



What are the health benefits of a raw food diet? 

Most simply put, the body recognizes it as food and knows exactly how to break it down and assimilate it. It is gentle on your digestion, full of life giving enzymes, anti-aging and cleansing. And of course gentle on the mother earth.

Making raw food – it sounds like it requires a lot of effort?!

Really, this is probably the simplest food to prepare!! The trick is to think of different textures; nature has already provided the colours. Oh and did I mention it’s not all smoothies and salads? Come eat some raw chocolate mousse, raw pasta that will win even your meat loving friends over!




What other kinds of wellness practices will you teach in the retreat?

Daily yoga and meditation with the gentle guidance of Wayan each day will prepare us for our day ahead. Each day we will explore stepping stones back to our own self, raw food demonstrations, and this year by special request we are having a raw chocolate making workshop. Equally important will be time for stillness and relaxation…

Who should join your retreat?

This is a total immersion in YOU!! We’ll have some fun yoga classes designed to open the body and relax the mind. These classes are suitable for the absolute beginner, as well as to more experienced yogis. Enjoy living food cuisine, that will naturally cleanse your body (don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy yummy desserts), learn the basics of raw food preparation and an introduction to super foods. Not to mention the amazing massage in the experienced hands of the spa therapists and sunrise at Mt Batur Volcano, which is truly magnificent. Over the past 4 years, guests of all ages, from all over the globe have met and formed lifelong friendships. Truly this is a feast for the body, mind & soul and an opportunity to reconnect with oneself. I hope to meet you there!

Pleasure the Senses retreat, 24-29 July 2016

 natalie bondine-cropNatalie Bondine is a Wellness practitioner with more than 12 years of personal experience in natural health and various healing modalities. Natalie has been practicing, teaching, writing professionally on various health related issues for over eight years. She specializes in all things Detox and owns a busy practice – Purity BodyMindSoul in Melbourne: sharing various healing & detoxification therapies. She is a Raw Food enthusiast with a strong belief in the energy and life force of the food we eat. Read more about Natalie


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