Interview: Discovering Silence

In today’s world, observing little details or small little voice in our heart is often challenging. Our mind is always in a rush. Being silent seems to be impossible yet our true longing to connect with ourselves can only happen in silence. Rachel Roberts (RR) and Meredith Hogan (MH) explain about silence and Bali’s Silence Day (Nyepi).

How do you define “silence”?

RR: Silence is stillness. Silence is the place where the voice of the heart can be heard. It is the calm space where our inner desires can be realized and known as truth. It is the pause between thoughts and between breaths and it brings about true knowing.

How yoga helps one becomes more silent?

MH: The practice of Yoga helps us to bring our bodies (matter) and breath (spirit) together. It teaches us to be selective, compassionate, steady and receptive. It teaches us to savor pleasure and to focus our awareness in the moment, in the now. To still the distracted mind and find contentment and acceptance.

What do you think about Nyepi?

RR: Nyepi is the most powerful single day I have ever experienced. We live in a world on hyper speed. Most of us struggle when asked to observe a moment of silence or to focus on one single breath. This is a day where 3 million people sit in silent reflection for the betterment of their community. To call this a day of stillness belies the power of this event. Nyepi is a day of palpable selflessness and communal reflection.

What makes “Nyepi Retreat” special?

MH: Due to a dear and loving friendship and mutual respect, I feel that every retreat Rachel and I hold together is amazingly special. The fact that we are gathering in one of the most beautiful, loving places on earth, sharing the abundance of nature and observing silence for an entire day with 3 million souls is beyond anything I could hope for in hosting a retreat.

Who should join this retreat?

MH: Any soul who wishes to know herself more intimately. Any soul who wishes to celebrate health and vibrancy, to deepen their yoga practice, to laugh and to rest deeply. Any soul who has a longing for adventure, nourishment, new friendships. Anyone who is ready to step into their fullness this year!
RR: You!

After traveling the world through yoga for almost two years, Rachel Roberts was inspired to open the Yoga Bar, a community for yogis in Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds yoga retreats around the world, contributes to international yoga conferences and is working on her first book; “Yoga Drunk”. Meredith Hogan’s love of yoga and dance began in her teens and have sustained her in a way that she cannot help but share through her signature blend of these moving disciplines. Her inspired teaching helps people empower themselves and find their ananda—their bliss.

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