Interview: Flow…Grow…Let Go…


Bringing more energy into our relationships, career and other parts of our lives is something which is desired by most of us. Consciously increasing the energy flow in the body is one way to maintain our energy level. By doing so, the energy that flows through us makes us feel healthier and passionate for undergoing our daily routines.

Can you explain about “strong Vinyasa flow yoga”?

The Marcum Method:  Flow… Grow… Let Go…

The Marcum Method is vinyasa-flow yoga that provides more than just a great workout and a nice stretch. I incorporate yoga’s philosophy in an I-can-totally-relate-to-that way that enhances the physical alignment and safety of the postures, and provides motivation that surpasses them. My classes are fundamental enough that those newer to yoga can follow, and layered in ways that challenge even the most experienced practitioner. The Marcum Method is about making yoga approachable, enjoyable, expansive and real.

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You are known for your focus in building core strength. Why is that so important?

If we don’t have strong core sensibilities we have no roots from which to learn & grow. That’s true body, mind & spirit.

Is your retreat open for all levels?

My classroom is a totally safe, inviting environment, and my message is that embracing possibility empowers us all, regardless of size, shape, age, flexibility, carnivorism, caffeine intake or zip code. I truly believe yoga shows us how one, seemingly simple thing, can unleash our potential for anything.

What does Bali mean to you?

Bali means magic. It’s contemplative refuge, sunrise sun salutations, zen-like rice fields, delicate devotional offerings tucked into every corner– it’s the inspiration you both miss and return to in your mind when you return home and look at the world from behind your windshield and daily routine.

Who should join your retreat?

Friendly, adventurous souls who aren’t afraid to sweat.


Andrea Marcum, a California native, with a background in competitive gymnastics, began teaching yoga in and opened U Studio in Los Angeles in 2006. In a city of behemoth yoga studios and famous yoga teachers, Andrea and U Studio have independently won critical acclaim and success. Andrea’s known for her core intensive Vinyasa Flow classes which appeal to both the famous and the infamous from all over the LA area. Her class is a rigorous but intelligent flow, with an emphasis on alignment that is balanced with equal parts sweat & playful laughter. In a moment’s time you feel like old friends in her company. Every class is well rounded and distinctly different than the last, with opportunities for arm balances for those so inclined along the way. Andrea relishes watching the transformation which yoga brings her students; in their lives, in their minds & in their    bodies — just as it’s done for her.

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