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Kundalini yoga is one of the greatest practices you can do to increase your vibration and consciousness daily. Experiencing a self- discipline practice to unlock creative potential and cope with daily life, to face your fears and self-destructive habit could transform your life in miraculous ways. Here we have Sukhjeet Kaur and Amjila explain about Kundalini yoga and tibetan healing as a healing process which works on our inner energy centers.


To be clear, Ayurveda, means exactly science of life. Ayurveda is a holistic approach which tries to consider the trinity body-mind-spirit as the ultimate guide to achieve a perfect balance.To do so Ayurveda has many different aspects: diet, lifestyle, use of herbs, plants and spices, massage with specific oils, acupressure on some particular points, meditation and breathing exercises and also Yoga practice. Therefore, it would be better to say that Ayurveda has many sister sciences and Yoga is just one of them.


There are different types of Kundalini Yoga all around the world but here we are going to talk about Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan,the tradition I learnt in London many years ago. This Yoga is a technology designed to awaken your Kundalini energy and to apply a unique approach to emotional healing and self-awareness.

First of all, why am I really attracted by this type of Yoga? Because it is all about “your own free experience.” Nobody can say or give you an order to do this or not. It is your own choice, your own soul’s journey. To do so, of course, there are some rules, I mean ,commitment you take for yourself (for example the Sadhana earlier in the morning) to achieve a better life: to be happy and healthy. It is about training your mind as well as your body, helping not only the spine to become more flexible, but also to act quickly in your daily routines with a different attitude taking “altitude” while facing stress and challenges for better results. It involves a new diet, new lifestyle but it’s up to you! I also love the way in which the Kundalini (energy) works on the flow of energy through seven imaginary spinning vortexes along the spine. It is all about opening and balancing them. Their vibration enables you to connect yourself to the Infinite source of Energy. It builds strength and self-awareness.It is pure healing.

Secondly, I think that anybody, at any ages, can practice this Yoga. Many of the postures (asanas), kriyas (set of exercises) are quite simple and easy. It is the extended repetition that challenges us and when you persevere, you will find new resources of stamina. Chanting, mantras and also dancing are powerful and produce dramatic results if you have doubt and fear. Just try it for yourself and see how you feel. Finally as a teacher, I am so grateful to Yogi Bhajan who decided in 1969 to break the secrecy of this ancient science and technology which was closed guarded secret in India. He brought it to the West and then today we work on it from Master to student. Kundalini Yoga has changed my vision of life.


All the plants have a particular connection and effect on our emotions or organs. So each plant is connected with our spiritual, emotional and physical level. In other words, each herbs makes a bridge between body and mind. That is exactly the goal of Yoga, that is why when we use some Tibetan or Ayurvedic herbs. During my workshop on healing I will introduce the use of a Top Ten “power herbs” which are quite effective when we want to focus our healing on our aura, chakra, channels, or energy flow.


First of all, the Tibetan tradition by itself is unique because it is a rich blend of many influences. In the particular field of healing, the Tibetan tradition mixes Chinese and Ayurvedic influences as well as shamanic tradition. The technique used by my Master Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche was to look at all these traditions, then take the essential from each one, which basically created a clever and simple synthesis, much more powerful than each one of them taken separately.

Secondly, the Tibetan culture does not make any differentiation between meditation and healing. Both have the same goal, to awaken our inner spiritual guide which is also our inner healer. This is another particular touchstone that could sounds obvious, but when put in a simple and daily practice it is really powerful.

Finally, the use of your “touch” is another key point emphasized by all the Tibetan healers I have met. This subtle touch could be used in different ways, such as Tantric touch on specific points or areas, sequences of “Touch & Talk” or mainly as the use of the intuitive pulse reading which opens a real communication with all our inner energetic system. To summarize, clear and simple practice, subtle use of our meditation power and intuitive use of our subtle “touch” are the 3 powerful key points which make Tibetan Healing so unique and special.


Everyone is welcome: beginners, intermediate or advanced participants. Our teaching is deliberately basic, getting to the point of a simple, step by step practice, easy to remember on a regular basis. So we make sure we give you the essential keys to start discovering your inner space. We try to give you the “owner’s manual” you need to understand and experience how your mind works. If you are looking for a fast track practice for a true daily life of awareness, our retreat is for you!

Sukhjeet and Amijila is teaching their next retreat Kundalini Yoga & Tibetan Healing Retreat at ONEWORLD retreats on 10 – 16 May 2015

 BernardSukhjeet Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Instructor and retreat leader 
Sukhjeet applies a unique approach to emotional healing and self-awareness, using her training and experience in Kundalini Yoga. Sukhjeet combines the ancestral knowledge of Kundalini Yoga as taught by unique Master Yogi Bhajan, with the Tibetan tradition of self-healing . By introducing Tibetan intuitive Pulse into her teaching, she opens a whole new dimension of yoga practice.

 ChantalAmjila M.D. Tibetan healing instructor and retreat leader 
Amjila focuses on balancing energy flows and polarities within the main energy centers and channels, giving life to all the traditional Tibetan ways of healing. Today, thanks to tantric lessons he received from his Master, his method directly links with and complements Kundalini Yoga practice as taught by his wife Sukhjeet Kaur. Read more about Sukhjeet and Amjila


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  1. Sukhjeet says:

    We are so grateful to Claude & Lyan to welcome us again at Kumara for the Third time . This is a Blessing place, the only one unique, and the Kundalini Energy is given by Mother Earth . When I’m teaching , sitting on the floor at the Yoga Hall , I can feel it … and more . That’s pure Energy you can experience if you join us next May 2014. Go ahead , bookings are still working! Sat Nam , Sukhjeet Kaur

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