Interview with Ayurvedic Counsellor and Nutritionist Larry Li


Larry Li has been sharing meditation and holistic therapies since 2009. He has personal experience with overcoming cancer and mental illness, giving him an inside perspective to the healing path in many forms. Now, he is a certified Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Counsellor.

Interview with Larry Li

As the founder of Action Compassion, what inspires you to dedicate your life to teach about meditation and holistic therapies?

I am dedicated to meditation because it is a wide range of tools within all of us that no one can control but ourselves. It is both incredibly freeing and difficult.

I am passionate about holistic therapies because they saved my life. I am a lung cancer survivor and I believe in the bodies natural ability to heal itself.


Meditation has so many effects on wellbeing and health. How would you describe these benefits in your own words?

To go off track a little bit, I find the ultimate benefit of meditation is that we become masters of our own domain. We begin to know ourselves and interact with our own body and mind in a more loving way. We become familiar with the way our minds gear up, gear down, turn and tumble. By becoming keenly familiar with the mind, the mind begins to become our faithful servant. This frees up a lot of energy and affects our mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation develops metacognition and higher mental functions so that we can respond to our desires with efficacy and heal our own traumas through personal insight and concentration. We can make good decisions and have the energy to follow through.

Meditation makes you free from the inside out.



What should retreat guests expect in your upcoming Bali retreat?

Guests should expect dynamic and personalized teachings while we explore the common threads of wisdom found in Neuroscience, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and all methods of meditative development.

Meditation, like exercise, should put into consideration the person’s individual circumstances and tendencies. Guests should feel ready to cultivate their own practice and be their own Guru after we go through our meditative rigour.

I love to use Ayurvedic Pulse Reading to also help determine how I might convey meditation to each individual. Expect that we really get to know each other with respect to your own comfort zone.


Who should join this retreat?

Anyone is qualified truly.

I have personal experience with OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Autoimmune disease, and Cancer. I may be able to specifically connect with you on these things but I try my best to be able to jive with anyone.


What is your goal as a teacher?

My first goal as a teacher is to pay forward the teachings I have received in my life from around the world.

My second goal is to make the student understand that meditation is possible for everyone and that their is nothing wrong with their experience of meditation. What is most important is how we work with those experiences. It is not what you experience in meditation, it is how you experience them. Bring love to the mind so that we can plant seeds of love into life.


You are currently writing a book on meditation teachings. Tell us about it.

My first book, which you can download for free at has the message “Anyone can meditate”.

My second book which is still transforming all the time, will give the readers an honest look at what meditation is like for me after twelve years of practice.

Their will be a focus on my personal experiences as both a healer and sufferer of anxiety, depression, and addictions.

Larry will lead the The Way Out Is In – Meditation Retreat with Qi Qong, Tai chi and Yoga on 11-7 February 2018. This retreat is suitable for all levels.



As a meditation teacher, Larry has had the good fortune to learn directly from masters of many traditions. Heis the owner of Action Compassion, an integrative wellness center in Vancouver, Canada. As a certified Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Counsellor, he integrates eastern methods with the rigor of western science to create dynamic programs for his clients and groups providing Ayurvedic education and therapies for mental and physical disorders. Read more…

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