Interview with Gabriele McSween

IMG_5447How has yoga changed your life?

I practise yoga for the past 15 years. It helps me relax, get new focus and be grounded in life. I find balance, harmony and I am able to face life’s challenges much better. I feel energetic, happy and always positive. My sleep is better and my health is excellent. I practise yoga and meditation on a daily basis and feel my life is truly enhanced.

Why Yin yoga?

Yin yoga releases tension and stress from within. We stay in the poses for longer periods of time to find inner stillness and calmness. I operate my Yin Yoga Studio in Canada and Yin yoga is gaining a lot of popularity, because of the calming and relaxing effects it has on the body and the mind. It is a meditative form of yoga with a lot of health benefits. Yin yoga is based on the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) where the Meridian Channels in our body are activated. Through deep stretches we are able to free our body from inner tightness. We release the stress we unknowingly keep inside. Our Chi Flow gets stimulated and we feel more energetic, motivated and we release the stagnated Chi.

What attracts you to lead a retreat in Bali?

I fell in love with Bali through my travels. I love the people, the traditions, the food and the kindness I experience there all the time. I went back to Ubud and did  my Yin yoga teacher training. I have returned to Bali every year since then. To lead a retreat in Bali is what I dreamed of and I have lead several retreats in Bali. I can combine Yin yoga, meditation, mindfulness with an amazing spiritual culture and wonderful ritual only Bali can offer.

Who should join your retreat?

My retreat is designed for everybody to attend. There is no judgment in Yin yoga, only acceptance. Yin yoga creates body/mind awareness. You cannot compare yourself with another student in the group because everyone’s body is entirely different. We do not focus on alignment because we are all different people with different body. Yin yoga teaches you self-awareness, confidence and happiness with your body and mind and not to compete with others. Trust yourself the most nd accept yourself with no judgment. This is a valuable lesson to be learned.

What are your tips to beginner yogis?

Yoga is for everybody. When you decide to enter your journey in yoga, that is your beginning. Be open-minded and allow yourself to feel what goes on inside your body and mind when you go through the different asanas. Don’t be afraid to feel. Keep your eyes closed and experience a deep connection with your inner self. Yin yoga is a very intimate practice with yourself. You engage your mind, body and breath on a conscious level. It will open a new path for you. Yoga is designed for everybody.


gabriele-mcsweenGabriele McSween is a certified Yin yoga teacher (200 hours RYT) and a prenatal teacher. She fell in love with the beautiful island of Bali during her travels and returned to do her teacher training through Yinspiration in Ubud, Bali. Today, she operates her own yoga studio in Ontario, Canada, teaching daily classes. Her Yin Yoga – The Power of Moving into Stillness retreat returns to ONEWORLD retreats next year on 13-18 August 2017.

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