Listening to the Inner Whisper


Some people call it a hunch! Recently, I had a strong feeling that my sister in law was pregnant. Of course I did not tell anyone but it was a strong feeling… soon after, my nephew told me that he would have a little brother, I said silently to myself, I knew that! It felt strange. “Inner knowingness” or intuition comes from deep inside, we experience it and when we hear that whisper, it is like we know. Yet it is very difficult for us to tell others and confirm that the feeling is right. Like most decision makers and business people, when they make a final decision, some of the team might not understand why. That is what makes them different than others and makes them successful in their field. Intuition is from the right side of our brain; the left side of is the logical and analytic, the right side is the opposite. Most artists and creative people are the “right brain” people, while accountants, engineers and alike tend to access the left side of their brain more often. Visionaries, decision makers, business owners and leaders—almost all of them have a good balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Now, is it possible for every one of us to open up the right side of our brain accordingly to our lifestyle? Why not? It is about exercising our mindfulness. Practicing meditation, yoga, Tai chi, Qi Gong and some other similar practices are very good for opening the creative part of our brain. This makes our intuition become more sensitive. In our life we sometimes face critical moments. This is a good time to surrender to our intuition. The little voice inside will let us know what is the right way.

Iyan YaspriyanaIyan Yaspriyana is a yoga teacher, retreat leader, owner and co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats. His Escape the World program has grown to be a jewel in the world of retreats. Iyan’s method of teaching yoga reflects his view of life… one moment at a time and continually evolving. He is very happy to share from his vast knowledge and life experience. Read more about Iyan

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