Living from the Inside Out


Yoga, ancient Yogic teachings, Universal Principals

With Candida

From October 31 – November 5, 2010

Retreat Inclusion
– 5 nights of comfortable accommodation
– 15 well prepared meals
– 5 morning Yoga and meditations 1 hour, 30 minutes each day
– 3 morning teachings
– 1 day of Reiki I training and initiation approx. 5 hours
– 3 evening teachings
– 2 Spa Treatments – A Spa Mandi treatment plus a facial OR pedicure
– Opening ceremony and blessing
– Introductory first-evening talk on Balinese culture and customs
– Fire Ceremony – Agnihotra Mantra Chanting
– Local night walk
– Guided rice field/local walk – Sari Organik
– Closing ceremony (releasing negative emotions) including Hindu ritual of Puja
– Government tax and service


The Living from the Inside Out retreat is designed with the issues in mind that face all of us in some form today – that is, offering skills to help attain and maintain health, balance and quality of life while at the same time meeting the necessary demands and pressures of our modern lifestyles and is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn to live in calm and focused tranquility.

An interactive program designed to empower us in living our best life – reducing stress and increasing wellbeing – to live from the inside out – in calm and focused tranquility. An optional feature of this program will include Reiki I training and attunement.

Living from the inside out will explore ancient Yogic philosophies, teachings, techniques and universal principles -; connecting us with our heart, enabling us to reach a state of calm, then to maintain that state of calm for as long as possible, and so experience the effects in our life…our health, our relationships, our work, our contribution to life and living.
Thus we go within, find our truth (our heart), and come out with that, and so live our life from that place of truth (heart)…. living from the inside out…. Knowing that each time we lose heart (our truth) and it is part of life that we will… we have the skills and knowledge to go back inside, access it again, and live from it again… and so it goes. That is the nature of the universe – waves ofcontraction and expansion – the Yin and Yang of life – and so we live in harmony and flow with life, (instead of resisting it) experiencing the empowerment that comes with calm control of our life (masters of our destiny) at the same time, attaining improved overall health and wellbeing through raising personal vibrations, improving our immune system and organ function, leading to increased energy and vitality, happiness and longevity.

As an optional extra life management and healing tool for self and others, Reiki I training, initiations and attunements are also offered. This is an accredited training (which if done outside of this retreat can be quite costly). All participants in Reiki I will gain a certificate which will enable them if they wish, to be a Reiki I practitioner. Alternatively participants may simply practise Reiki on themselves, friends, family or simply be in it just for the experience – it is all a personal choice.


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