The magic of a Balinese purification ceremony



By Jacqueline Shaw, retreat leader at Oneworld Retreats

I first stayed as a guest at Oneworld Retreats over 10 years ago. Since then I have returned many times and now have the absolute privilege of teaching my own retreat, this year in conjunction with an amazing teacher, Wayan Partawan.

A highlight for me is the purification ceremony at Tirta Empul at the start of each retreat. And when it happens under the light of the moon, this experience is even more magical and inspiring. Gone are the tourists and the crowds, leaving us with the opportunity to fully immerse and relax into this experience.

It is truly magical when you enter the temple and sit with your own priest to pray and meditate. The sound of the temple bells, the smell of the incense remind you that you are totally in a holy place in Bali, an experience that can only be found by a few.

Immersing in the pool and under the spouts that cleanse each chakra is so liberating and helps shed further the constraints of our everyday life. It’s a wonderful way to remind us to immerse into our experience at Kumara and to let go.

There are many other experiences on the retreat that reveal the magic & inspiration of Bali – yoga at sunrise on Mt Batur, rice field walks, cycling through the villages are a few of the experiences that await you here.

Inspiration also relates to our breath and this is one of the reasons I come back here so often. Being at Kumara is like taking a beautiful, cleansing deep breath, shedding the layers, the tension and restoring my soul.

Jacqueline Shaw will be leading the Activate & Release Retreat, 1-6 October 2017

profile-jacqueline-shawJacqueline Shaw has been practicing yoga since 1999. Having explored many different styles including ashtanga, iyengar,vinyasa flow as well as yin and experiencing the benefits from each of them, she decided to share her love for yoga and completed her initial teacher training with Byron Yoga centre in 2014. For Jacqueline, yoga goes much deeper than the asana and her focus is on bringing all eight limbs into the practice. Read more…

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