Metamorphosis of Butterfly


One morning, a butterfly flew in and landed on my hand. I believe that it represented the soul of a loved one who had passed away – my dad – and that he came to say hello to me. I was so happy and kept staring at it, remembering learning in the elementary school about the interesting metamorphosis of how a simple caterpillar turns into a cocoon before becoming a beautiful butterfly.

When I was a baby, I was 100% dependent of my parents. Gradually, I became more independent and started making my own choices in life. That was my period of caterpillar. Then life took me through bigger challenges, similar to the process from caterpillar into a cocoon. To find my path to go through life, I tried several practices before I found yoga.

In the beginning, I did asana and meditation. Asana was the easiest to learn because it was visible, meditation is still challenging, even after practicing if for two decades. Gradually, understanding more and more, I learnt about the eight limbs of yoga.

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They are a process like the metamorphosis of butterfly. The first and second steps – Yama and Niyama – are what we are living now in our society. The third one is Asana, well-being for the mind and body. First to the third step, I consider as the caterpillar period. The fourth, Pranayama, helps the Asana and to have a deeper practice for the next steps Pratyahara and Dharana. These two steps I consider as the cocoon period, a very challenging one! I personally feel that I need to experience this period a bit longer to not to force change and become an immature butterfly.

I do constant metamorphosis in my life, be it professionally or personally. I am so grateful for having this opportunity to transform and shape my life for the better. Reaching Dyana and Samadhi, the steps seven and eight, is not my goal. I aim to live my life gratefully and happily and I do believe I deserve happiness.

– Iyan –

Iyan YaspriyanaIyan Yaspriyana is a yoga teacher, retreat leader, owner and co-founder of Oneworld Retreats. His Escape the World program has grown to be a jewel in the world of retreats. Iyan’s method of teaching yoga reflects his view of life… one moment at a time and continually evolving. He is very happy to share from his vast knowledge and life experience. Read more about Iyan


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