Interview: Healing and Yoga Pranala

Embarking on a spiritual journey means dropping past experiences, allowing new things to happen. In simple words, it is about “healing”…. Here we have Linda Madani, spiritual healer and yoga teacher, sharing her knowledge about healing and telling us about the special yoga system she teaches.

How do you combine a Balinese healing system, yoga and mantra chanting in the “Healing and Spiritual Development” retreat?

Yoga Pranala is a combination of Vinyasa Flow (inspired by several yoga schools including the Sri T. Krishnamacharya’s lineage, Bihar School of Yoga and Hatha Yoga) and Mudra Pranala (healing art based on energy movement transmitted by Balinese shaman Tjokorda Rai). Yoga Pranala effectively increases inner and outer strength, enhances mental clarity, relaxation, total presence and harmony.

If you had to mention certain parties that can be really benefited by your retreat, who would they be?

People that are at a crossroad but anyone that is open minded.

What is the significance of the healing process in the spiritual development?

How many yoga retreats have you heard of that take you through an activation ceremony that will open channels, allow and awaken the person you really are the power you can truly be? During Yoga Pranala you will learn how to balance the feminine and masculine powers. The ceremony is a sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine within you. This ceremony is simple yet powerful. Carefully created to help you truly connect with your higher self….

Can you explain what happens in a Yoga Pranala class?

Yoga is about breathing. Breath is the vehicle for prana. It is the breath that initiates and finishes the movement. We hold the breath for two seconds between each and every breath. Combine with Pranala that creates a trance state that is pleasant and relaxing that will maintain throughout the practice. We remain the witness of our practice throughout the class. We work on our spiritual muscles.

What are the main tools you provide in the retreat to heal ourselves?

Mudra Pranala level 1

What are the obstacles one has to deal with in the healing process? How to handle them?

If you are not the spiritual type, don’t worry. Many of our students are just like you, they come in a place they need help to move from and after the retreat they leave connected, uplifted, inspired and ready to face life again.

Can you tell what are the biggest lessons you learned from working with traditional healer Tjokorda Rai?

Learn to be aware and not be mechanical, to love myself.

Linda Madani is a spiritual healer, a yoga teacher and a guest leader at ONEWORLD retreats. Being dedicated in the world of teaching and healing, she runs a studio Intuitive Flow at Penestesan. Linda will become the leader of “Healing and Spiritual Development with Yoga Pranala” retreat scheduled from March 2 to 8 and October 19 – 25, 2014.

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  1. Ulla says:

    I have done two of Linda’s retreasts and would do more any time! They are simply great.

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