Oneworld Ayurveda Opens in Bali

ONEWORLD retreats proudly opens ONEWORLD ayurveda – A Panchakarma Centre situated in the rice terraces north of Ubud.



Greetings from Bali,
I am experiencing a Panchakarma (PK) of 28 days. And no, I am not doing it in India but in Bali, at our very own Ayurvedic centre, ONEWORLD ayurveda! This has been exactly what I needed – time to detox, to heal and to get in touch with myself again.

It was a delightful and challenging experience to create an authentic Ayurvedic centre here in Bali. Located in the rice field terraces near Ubud, ONEWORLD ayurveda is a natural extension to ONEWORLD retreats in Ubud. Two years in the making and we are ready to welcome you! I cannot wait to show it to you…

Claude Chouinard, Founder

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We sensed there is a growing need for alternative healing and a balanced lifestyle. Ayurveda has proven to be the most comprehensive method to discover what is good and what should be avoided to lead a healthy, happy and mindful life based your own constitution.

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We at ONEWORLD ayurveda are committed to be the most authentic Panchakarma center in Southeast Asia. Our two Ayurvedic specialists from India hold doctor’s degrees in the Science of Ayurveda, Dr. Aparna (left) has a PhD in Ayurvedic medicine and has been on board as an advisor and developer since April 2015. Dr. Ninnu is the resident Ayurvedic doctor at the retreat.

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With a team of well-trained and caring therapists, a selection of 170 herbal medicines imported from one of India’s best pharmacies, and over 80 medicinal plants growing organically in the perfect environment, we are confident that great results will be achieved.

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A Panchakarma retreat lasts from 7 to 28 days or longer. It is a detoxifying program that is tailored individually to each person and results in long-lasting health benefits. It is beyond a spa wellness holiday, it is an investment in your health and the rewards are amazing. At ONEWORLD ayurveda, you have the opportunity to experience the depth of Ayurveda – by the way, I am a Kapha/Pitta!

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Ayurveda can treat many conditions, for example respiratory illnesses like asthma, allergies, migraine, thyroid disorders, anxiety, stress, insomnia, joint, liver and kidney disorders, obesity, age-related problems and much, much more.

See more about ayurveda and its virtues.

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Our rooms are comfortable and well-appointed. They all have either a terrace or a balcony into the green, luxurious bathrooms and are wonderfully spacious. You will feel at home here.

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Just to give you an idea what a typical day looks like

  • In the morning, I chant to welcome the new day, practice Vedic yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing). Our Tekok is a great teacher.
  • I meet with the doctor or assistant who usually prescribes two treatments for the day.
  • I eat well, the food is nourishing, clean, and prepared with my health in mind.
  • I take a walk in the rice fields or village nearby.
  • I learn how to cook and prepare food that will enhance my overall well-being, hoping along the way to loose a few kilos ;).
  • I then have the opportunity to learn more from the Ayurvedic doctors’ lectures, going deeper into the subject.
  • I end the afternoon with some stretching, chanting and meditation with Putu. The amazing views from the yoga shala make my heart sing.
  • I enjoy having dinner and sharing the day’s experiences with new friends from all over the world and from all walks of life. So interesting!
  • I cozy up in my beautiful and comfortable room.

Life is short, do not waste a day and remember…’Arogya Parama Labaha’ – Health is Your wealth! 
Claude Chouinard

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