Being Grateful


When Putri, our new team member now in charge of communications for ONEWORLD retreats, told me that we should consider doing our newsletters thematically, I thought the idea was appealing. I asked her what she had in mind for the next letter, she said, “How about ‘gratitude’?” and straight away I was grateful that she had joined the team and offered such input.

“Gratitude” is a word that we hear more and more as we travel on a spiritual path, and I don’t mean on a monk path, but on our own path. Being grateful can be quite easy, just take a moment to look around you, aren’t you seeing something that you can be grateful for?

I can and I do on a daily basis, all one has to do to be grateful is to read the first three pages of the newspaper and quickly one can feel grateful for not living in Syria, for example. I feel grateful for having grown up with loving parents teaching me and my siblings the joy of living fearlessly.

Today, I am certainly grateful for having a partner like Iyan, for being surrounded by loving people all day long and for the freedom that is offered to me, I am grateful for being able to write this short text and reach people that have many similarities in their own life.

A few weeks ago, I was on the phone with my very good friend Milli from Detroit, Michigan. The woman is just like every one of us, she is aging daily and since she was born many years before me, age is catching up to her and she told me the story of her last visit to the doctor when she said….

“Doctor, things are not the same anymore, I wake up in the morning and my bones hurt, it takes me longer to get out of bed and do things, I feel old….”  and the doctor replies, “Girl, be grateful that you are still waking up in the morning!” And she laughed over the phone and just that sincere laughter made feel me grateful to know and love her so much.

Simple lesson… if you can’t be grateful for anything else, be so for you are alive and able to love freely.

– Claude Chouinard –

Claude ChouinardClaude Chouinard is the owner and co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats. Reaching dreams is not new to Claude Chouinard; over the years he has set many goals and has developed ways to achieve them. He shares his passion through Follow your Dreams – a retreat/workshop designed to offer life experiences that take participants into a different dimension, in places to feel freedom. Creating and offering happiness is Claude’s life mission. Read more about Claude

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