A Few Notes


First and foremost, I want to send our warmest sympathy for our Australian friends that have gone through and still going through a difficult time because of the terrible floods in Queensland, and like it was not enough, just came a cyclone. Our thoughts and love are with you in a time where one wonders how to come of help in such circumstances.

On a brighter note, we are almost done renovating the rooms at Kumara, all the bathrooms are done and the new furniture is slowly arriving and replacing the old ones. It looks nice and fresh, we repainted all the rooms as well! Big job… but it had to be done!

Iyan and I are getting ready to go to Canada, leaving on March 14th, a spring holiday for a bit of spring skiing! Yes, I will take pictures of Iyan on a pair of skis, promise!

For all of you whom have showed interest in our Escape to Bordeaux retreat starting on September 17 and ending on September 24th, please remain patient, we are finalizing the journey at the moment and should be able to come up with a final itinerary and prices before the end of February.

We have a first coming to ONEWORLD retreats, a great program led in French by Corinne Poracchia. Corinne has a life experience to share with her participants. Besides leading retreats, Corinne teaches yoga at Montreal’s most famous studio, it is a pleasure to have her with us and to have a retreat totally in French!

And as you might know already, the BaliSpirit Festival is launching its 4th festival in March, the festival is taking popularity and offers amazing programs from the beginning to the end. This year, we are offering a pre and post retreat, both programs are different, educative, and both invite to go deeper.

So, all is good and I am wishing you a good month of February!

– Claude Chouinard –


Claude ChouinardClaude Chouinard is the owner and co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats. Reaching dreams is not new to Claude Chouinard; over the years he has set many goals and has developed ways to achieve them. He shares his passion through Follow your Dreams – a retreat/workshop designed to offer life experiences that take participants into a different dimension, in places to feel freedom. Creating and offering happiness is Claude’s life mission. Read more about Claude


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