A New Decade

Just incredible that we are already in a new decade, seems like we just celebrated year 2000 not so long ago…. I guess it has been 10 years!

What a full on year 2010 we had, not complaining of course, in fact to the contrary, grateful of what is happening as it is our dream coming true! Yes, dreams do come true; it is a matter of having them first.

My latest dream is to give away my computer and live only with my Ipad, hmmm, not sure if I am ready for it!

Our first retreat in Thailand last November was successful; everyone left satisfied and all would recommend the journey! So, it seems like we will gladly visit Thailand again next year. Wow! That’s a lot of travel as we will be in Canada in March and France in September. Iyan will love it and so will I, yet it has been many years in the tropics!

Upon our return from Thailand, the “bridges” project was launched on December 9th. After 9 months in the making, we are quite happy with the results.

2011 promises more great retreats with a beautiful variety of teachers from all over.

I won’t promise but will do my best to get a newsletter out on a monthly basis! Hmmm…. resolutions!

We thank you for your patronage and also for your friendship, we appreciate it.


Claude Chouinard

Co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats

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