The Mid-Year

June… for our friends from down under, the challenge of facing winter has arrived… cold and shorter days, and wishes to be elsewhere like Bali is present in the mind. Then in the northern hemisphere, summer has arrived yesterday, warm weather, unfrozen lakes and campfire time.

Here in Bali, well… the sun still gets up at about 6:00 and goes down at about 18:30, the weather is almost the same, just a little cooler, windier and less humid! The kites are filling the clear blue skies and the Balinese kids are happy…more over, they are now on holiday!

Since the beginning of the year, we have not stopped much, 2010 is busy, altogether 45 retreats and we are grateful to welcome people from all over.

In August, Kumara will open its doors for families and in November, Iyan and I will lead an Escape the World retreat in Thailand!

Wishing you a good summer and a good winter!


Claude Chouinard

Co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats


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