Change of Season

Say Goodbye to  Rainy Season

While Australians are welcoming spring, European and North Americans are getting ready for winter. For us in Bali, not much change, the rain season will soon be here and that is always a blessing.

We often hear or read, “have faith in your intuition”. Personally I am a firm believer in this practice as for me it means “trust in yourself”. I believe we all have a 6th sense and once we trust our intuitions we open up to where life is leading us and the adventure begin!


Meditation is a source for developing intuition, to look inside for answers rather than reasoning on a subject is intuition. Take a moment to look back at some decisions you took in your life based on your intuitions, I am sure that you will find a few good stories to tell, remember when you decided to do a retreat with us, possibly you felt that this was the right thing to do and you did it!

Wishing you a great month of October!


Claude Chouinard

Co-founder of ONEWORLD retreats

Image Credit: Flickr / joka2000

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