Sandrine, Communication


Meet the person behind the handling of retreats from beginning until end! Sandrine Repong-Berrez joined our team in December 2008 and is currently our Communication Officer. Originally from The Netherlands, Sandrine moved to Bali to find new experiences and that is what led her to us. As our company grew, so did her insight on the benefits of yoga and meditation to focus on the present moment.

Working in a spiritual tourism industry gives Sandrine new understanding on the spiritual aspects of life, especially being far away from her hometown, family and friends. “For me, being spiritual is having awareness of the unseen around us. I do believe beloved ones who has passed away are watching over us.”

While living here, Sandrine met and fell in love with a man from Flores, a remote island in the East of Indonesia. Now they are happily married and have a 2-year-old son called Daniel.

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