Sanusi, Webmaster

Meet Sanusi, our webmaster and the one behind ONEWORLD retreats’ website control. He joined our team in 2008 when our company was just starting out and as the company grew, so did his passion in technology. With a hobby in photography, Sanusi’s passion for art makes him skilled for connecting with the virtual world – updating pictures and maintaining the company’s website.

Sanusi was born in Badung in 1978 and is the youngest out of nine siblings. He has been married for seven years and has a six years old son who is starting grade school this year. “We are very thankful because my wife is five months pregnant so we are going to have a new family member in October.”

Sanusi uses empowering positive affirmations to make great achievements in his work. “Life is an opportunity for progress. This is a belief – a stepping stone for me to never stop learning in order not to fall behind technological advances. Every day I pray for guidance and protection from the Divine, making my daily routines easier and satisfying.”

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