Thank you for noticing!


It is funny how difficult it can be sometimes to respond to compliments. We do get many from the guests retreating with us and they always make me very happy. Normally, I will just reply with a simple ‘thank you’, but what I really mean inside is ‘thank you for noticing!’. For noticing all those little touches we have put into making these retreats the best possible experience for each guest, all the care and love from everybody involved.

It is an honour to be a little part of another person’s good feeling, to help put back the smile on somebody’s face or to really understand that we all are worthy and deserving of a great life. And what a joy to witness people transforming into their greater minds! I feel very blessed.

Here just a few notes from our participants that came to my mind when contemplating on our new tagline authentic, magical and inspiring. I am sharing them with a sincere Thank you for noticing from the bottom of my heart.

‘Attention to detail is what set this retreat aside from the general yoga retreats. The small touches are what make it an authentic, awe-inspiring experience. Everything you could ever want has already been thought of.’

‘It is magical when you are with like-minded people, in a supportive ambiance, and have a strong sense of sharing.’

‘In the retreat people came from different walks of life. They each have personal experiences that made me realise that I am not the only one who fell into a deep and dark hole. It is empowering, encouraging, motivating, and inspiring.’

Iyan Yaspriyana
Oneworld Retreats

Iyan YaspriyanaIyan Yaspriyana is a yoga teacher, retreat leader, owner and co-founder of Oneworld Retreats. His Escape the World program has grown to be a jewel in the world of retreats. Iyan’s method of teaching yoga reflects his view of life… one moment at a time and continually evolving. He is very happy to share from his vast knowledge and life experience. Read more about Iyan

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