The Wealthy Spirit Retreat

From February 20 – 26, 2011

The Wealthy Spirit Retreat is all about exploring spirituality and how to live a spiritual life in a physical world, while creating the physical abundance you richly deserve. Advance Your Spiritual Growth and development, through Principles of Consciousness applied to your Mental, Physical And Emotional well-being.

6 Soothing Nights and 7 Scintillating Days of Amazing Experiences, Soulful Insights, Breath-taking Scenery and Luxurious Pampering with generous dollops of free time for sight-seeing, rest, reflection and sharing, are all included for your delight. Return home filled with Love, Light and Laughter!

This retreat offers a unique combination of facilitators, centuries old knowledge and practical solutions for living a wonderful life, every day of your life. Everyone is invited to join as it is our passionate desire that you leave with skills for incorporating this fascinating wisdom into your day-to-day life.

Narelle Stratford teaches Principles of Consciousness and is a registered Psychologist and Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline and Hypnosis. Principles of Consciousness provides a spiritual and philosophical model for understanding oneself and others, from the spiritual, conscious mind/soul and inner child dimensions.

Jennifer Peterson teaches Principles of Consciousness and is a Master Practitioner and trainer of NLP, Neurosemantics, Timeline and Hypnosis. Working with mindfulness, awareness and understanding, you will be lead on an exciting journey of awakenings and re-connecting. You will discover how to be ‘the cause’, and not ‘the effect’, in your own life.

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