Wayan Partawan, Teacher’s Assistant

wayan2Brought up in Gianyar, Wayan has surrendered himself to beauty and creativity. Besides yoga, Parta practices Balinese dance and sings out melodies that his heart tunes into, he is a fan of Keertan. He agrees that art shall be sprouted from an awakened intuition.

Wayan lives in Tampaksiring with his wife and three sons. “I love them very much. They are my reminder to stay strong in facing life’s challenges,” he said. Having been with ONEWORLD retreats since 2008, Wayan mentioned one thing that keeps him interested in his current occupation, “It’s the yoga itself.”

The 35-old man found inspiration in yoga, which has led him to consistently practice the art. In 2010 he had the opportunity to join the Australia’s Yoga Arts Teacher Training in Bali. Wayan has been the yoga teacher’s assistant to the Escape the World retreat and all other retreats hosted at Kumara. Wayan also teaches yoga during weekends. He is definitely an important part of the team and working with Wayan is a true delight.

One thought on “Wayan Partawan, Teacher’s Assistant

  1. Mary Izzo says:

    wayan Partawan is truly an amazing person. I felt his pure energy and attention to our yoga poses as a real gift. I will never forget my retreat “Escape the World” meeting Marije and all the lovely people who work at Kumara. my room was near the Yoga room and I felt privelged to watch the beautiful Balinese young men create the mandala on the floor of the yoga room floor. thank you to all. I have learnt so much about ccomposure and being in the moment. truly peaceful

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