Writing and Breathe Work Retreat in Bali

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“Follow your breath and it will lead you to your creative source.” – Michelle Berry

Expressing your inner voice and inspiration through writing can be a challenge for us sometimes. This is especially since we know that some people are able to bring their creativity out in a continuous ‘flow’. Taking nature walks and listening to uplifting and inspiring music are some things that can help us to access our creativity and express this into words that could be an inspiration for others.

Following the success of our previous writer retreats, this October Robin Sparks will be back leading a writer’s and breathe work retreat. This is a retreat for writers who have a book in process.

How do we know if this a retreat for us? Reflecting on these questions is a good start to know if this is something that we want to take part in.

  • Would you like to set aside everything to focus on your book in progress in the company of other writers?
  • Would you like to learn inspiration and writing exercises to help reveal the core message of your book and help move it along?
  • Would you like feedback from fellow writers on your manuscript in process?
  • Do you need encouragement and information about how to finish your book?
  • Would you like to get a taste of beautiful Bali in the luxury of a resort and the company of fellow writers?
  • Would you like to explore how conscious deep breathing can connect you to your inner voice?
  • Are you ready to make your dream of being an author a reality?

For six days and five nights, Robin will lead daily breathe sessions to help access the core message and inspiration for what we are wanting to say. She will teach you how to best present it and birth your book into the world. Conscious breath is jet fuel to authentic writing – intuitive writing that functions beyond the mind. Workshops focusing on writing exercises share and give feedback on our manuscripts. Local guest authors will also be involved to provide practical advice from their experience. There is also time to enjoy luxurious spa treatments and partake in guided excursions to connect with Bali’s nature and unique culture.

This retreat will be the perfect prelude for the Annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival!

“Breathe Life Into Your Book” with Robin Sparks

Where: ONEWORLD retreats, Bali, Ubud

When: 6 – 11 October, 2013

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