Namaste, my name is Candida and I am excited and honored to be sharing this retreat Living from the Inside Out, with you. From a very young age, around 7 years old, I knew that my path was set already I was going to teach, and help people feel better and do things in a helping way, at the same time I knew just as strongly that doing this would make me very happy.

At that stage I thought I was going to be a missionary nun (as those of us do who attend Catholic school) and wasn’t all that happy about it (particularly because I thought I had to shave my head) even though in my mind I had no choice in the matter, that was my destiny (both being a nun and shaving my head).

As time went on I still felt I was meant to be a nun although thankfully had steered away from the missionary aspect and was thinking just an ordinary nun would be ok too. By the time I was 18, I realized that this being a nun thing was not making me happy even without the missionary aspect. So it became clear then that being a nun was not for me because I was feeling so miserable about it.
I felt happy with that decision and dare I say relieved - I still knew very strongly though that teaching was a non-negotiable – that was me. Life however, has different views on when we do what we know we need to do and there was a lot of life learning waiting for me before I would be ready to do that, which to me, is most auspicious – and that is sharing my experiences and knowledge and thereby leading and guiding others to their healing.

I had two wonderful children, went to university (in that order), connected with my roots (Italian), graduated with a teaching degree and taught Italian for a number of years, which was one of the best and joyful therapies for me in connecting with an important aspect of who I am.

It was not till many years later that I was introduced to the path of healing by way of studying massage, which led to the many healing modalities I do today. In hindsight it is easy to see the plan and how every step is important for our evolution, in helping us to connect to the Light that we all are. For me it showed very clearly the importance of connecting with that Light – going within – and then going outwards and living from that Light. This is my basic message – to Live from the Inside Out.

Today I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, , a certified Yoga Teacher, DNA Theta Healing Practitioner and a Holistic Massage Therapist and Trainer with a Diploma in Adult and Community Education, an Initiate of Kriya Yoga and have been working in my own health business since 1993. My work consists of healing therapies such as Massage, Acupressure, Reiki (treatments, initiations and attunements), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Bowen Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditation and Yoga. I design and facilitate Life/Stress Management and Holistic Yoga Programs and workshops for adults and children, largely in schools and also in other work places.

I have been studying advanced Yoga philosophies, teachings and meditation with Yogacharya Devidasan Giri my Spiritual Teacher of 12 years. During this time I have connected with and expanded many aspects of my life and soul through focus, discipline and advanced practices which would not have been possible without the gentle and firm guidance of my teacher, to whom I will always be grateful.

At my Heart Matters program for schools I guide children to connect with the heart through a daily program of Pranayama, Hatha Yoga and guided imagery. At the same time strengthening the body, refreshing the vital organs and expanding the mind with alertness and clarity.

I have come to learn about my passion for life and living - particularly the journey of my life purpose. I believe that we are here to live and learn through health and joy - to live our best life in health and balance of body, mind and spirit. One of my main beliefs is the importance of doing that through the truth of the heart – thereby continually evolving.

Therefore all my work points towards connecting with our inner centre of truth and love, which encompasses health and balance of body, mind and spirit. I do this in various ways, as I understand we are all unique and we can be drawn to different ways of achieving the same outcome.

At the same time my work also stems from universal principles and ancient Yogic techniques and philosophies and the empowerment these bring. Most importantly I am aware that it is very easy to lose equilibrium in life and of the necessity of having the skills to regain and then maintain this equilibrium.

On a personal note, I enjoy my wonderful family, people connections and relationships of all kinds, dancing, Yoga and physical exercise, learning to swim, travel, meeting new people and discussing and sharing my thoughts and experiences.