Yoga space leading retreat
Dr. Daniel Houtman - is a Darwin based healer and teacher.  “The Spirit Doctor”, as he is known in Australia, has a Masters Degree in Counselling and is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, specialising in Qi Gong.  Daniel has 40 years experience in healing and over this time has travelled the world working with traditional healers in such places as North and Central America, China, Africa, Japan, Indonesia and Australia.  His soft spoken manner and his inner calmness has drawn people from many cultures to seek deeper knowledge of themselves and the world.

Our guide for the retreat is I Wayan Budiasa.  With a deep understanding of his culture and the healing methods of his Island, “Budi” has assisted in the writing of such books as “Bali Sekala & Niskala; Essays on Religion, Ritual and Art” by Fred B Eiseman Jr  and “Balians: Traditional Healers of Bali” by Bradford Keeney, along with other books on the flora and fauna of Bali.  Budi’s light-hearted humour reflects the softness of the people of Bali.