Claude Chouinard's journey of mastery in holistic management and design has its beginning when he lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand and traveled throughout India as a spiritual pilgrim in 1992. Upon returning to his home in Canada in 1993, Claude co-created and led exciting adventure travel experiences throughout Asia, Thailand, Indonesia and Central Asia incorporating meditation, ritual and holistic practice.

In 2000 a Javanese Business man invited Claude to create his first spa. This was a chance to give form to Claude's dreams and experience. With a carefully hand picked staff of 5. Claude created a spa that became Ubud's "most wanted spa" in the first 6 months of operation. The magic of Zen Body Holiday was rooted in daily meditation, visualization and an emphasis on the power of synergy.

A golden opportunity came along in 2002 when Claude began Zen Lifestyle Energy Resort on Sept 1 2002. A true master of detail, Claude designed every aspect of the resort. The well-being experience was unparalleled and many international guests have become ambassadors for Claude and Iyan's unique resort retreat programs. It was here that Iyan and Claude's five signature treatments and “Escape the World” Yoga and Spa Retreats were perfected.

Claude continues to grow and develop his concepts of wellness and to create spas and spa experiences that awaken the spirit, open the heart, calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. Working closely with Iyan and a range of other associates, Claude maintains a busy schedule of planning, consulting, design and delivery.

Iyan Yaspriyana discovered his natural gifts in the healing arts as a child growing up in a traditional family in Java. He grew from treating family and friends with his unique and intuitive style of body therapy to sharing his healing gift with the world and relocated to Bali in 1999. When the student is ready the teacher appears.

Madame Ruli (a master of Ayurvedic massage and renowned Reiki practitioner in Indonesia) welcomed Iyan into the world of Ayurvedic massage. The tenants and practice of Reiki and Ayurveda seemed second nature to Iyan and his training with Ibu Ruli soon became integrated with his own mastery. Iyan's 2.5 hour Ayurvedic Massage is highly sought for its ability to re-balance the chakra system. Iyan believes in the importance of being centered in the mind and body as a massage therapist and achieved his designation as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher in 2003. Iyan has always had a personal practice of yoga but started to study and train in 2001 to deal with a personal health issue and to bring a more formalized practice of yoga into his massage work.

Iyan joined Claude in developing and delivering Zen Lifestyle Energy Resort where they developed the holistic "escape the world" retreat, a six day journey of yoga, meditation, rituals and spa treatments. This program has attracted people from all over the world. Iyan enjoys sharing, helping and teaching. He trained the staff in delivering their unique body therapies and holistic treatments and has developed an intensive program for training and grounding practitioners.

Naturally curious, Iyan is currently exploring aromatherapy and is creating some exciting essential oil blends to compliment his body therapies.