What follows is a brief timeline of events that have shaped my yoga practice and teaching.

My involvement and fascination with yoga began with my first visit to the south of India in 1987. As the very impressionable age of 21. I met Saddhus who had devoted their lives to the spiritual quest and ordinary people that acknowledged the divine in each other with every greeting. In Sri Lanka, by chance, I joined thousands of pilgrims pressed shoulder to shoulder at the summit of a holy mountain at sunrise. As the first rays of the sun appeared, a simultaneous chant of ohm was pronounced from the thousands of devotional hearts. Something resonated with me and I had to know more. Suburban Sydney was never the same again.

I spent the next three University summer breaks in South East Asia. And started doing morning yoga because it made me feel loose and ready to go surfing.
Then after graduation left Sydney without an itinerary and didn’t come home for three years.
In this period to learned to read Mandarin like a six year old but speak it well.
I practiced Tai chi chuan and Chi Kung with an old master who could throw people using only his chi.
I followed my Tao with the Tao De Ching, and tried to work out Chinese Buddhist spirituality.
I spent four months doing “Anapanasati” meditation in the monasteries of Bangkok and in a forest monastery. And found out that bliss is really our natural state of mind. If we can just get the mind to stop its constant mindless chatter!

The simple concept of Karma as a guiding principle solidified here somewhere. If each thought is a karma loaded action, and we do a lot more thinking than we do anything else, then clearly we create our Karma from moment to moment according to our constant mental chatter.

In 1994 I back in Australia, began teaching Hatha yoga to friends based on my rudimentary understanding at the time. And to my surprise, brought about a miraculous recovery in a dear friend. He had been battling a debilitating Chronic fatigue condition for the past three years, and within three months of daily yoga he was stronger than ever.

Since then:
1994 Studied Traditional Thai Massage
Spent six months doing yoga in India, with Rudra Dev in the Iyengar Yoga tradition. Met Clive Sheradon, and with cave dwelling Saddhus in the Himalayas. Had the honor of Meeting with the 14th Dalai Lama.

Practiced with Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy. Sydney
Completed a teacher training “apprenticeship” of 2 years with Yoga Synergy where I was introduced to a medical approach to yoga.
Attended workshops with visiting teachers such as Clive Sheridan a Pranayama specialist and Shandor Remete (Shadow Yoga)
Completed diplomas of remedial Massage and sports therapies at Nature Care College, Sydney.

2002 – 2006: Taught classes, special courses and workshops at the Moksha Yoga Studio
Practiced with visiting teachers such as Danny Paradise (Sting's first Ashtanga teacher)
2004 Set up a Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Course with the Moksha studio.
2006 – 2008 Set up a thriving yoga studio in Central Cape town called Karmashala ww.karmashalayoga.co.za
Continuing to run Yoga Teacher Training Courses and so far through my courses have mentored around 60 of Cape town’s Yoga Instructors.

Jim has also finished a month long advanced Teacher Training Course with Shimon Ben Avi a senior Ashtanga yoga teacher from Israel.

"My special interest is in how the practice and philosophy can be used to enhance the quality of our modern lives. I look forward to bringing yoga to life for the people in Bali."

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