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Jo teaches mums, dads, creatives, corporates, athletes, kids – anyone seeking more calm, clarity, energy and wellness in their lives.

Jo became passionate about helping others experience the benefits of Vedic meditation and trained as a teacher graduating in India in 2015. Now debunking the myth that meditation is difficult and creating awareness about how easy it can be, Jo is delighted to be helping anyone who gets the feeling meditation might be just what they need.

Before becoming a meditation teacher Jo worked in rehabilitation, managing people with physical injuries, anxiety and depression. When she switched to the role of mum she began to enjoy all that motherhood had to offer, although it was not as straightforward as she had anticipated!With no family support, a husband who worked long hours and a disposition prone to worrying and overthinking, Jo came to realise she was battling the all too familiar signs of anxiety and depression in herself.

At times she found herself navigating the world feeling exhausted, irritable, indecisive, anxious, impatient, and guilty about feeling all of these things! Not sleeping well, coming up against repetitive thought patterns and the same old criticisms of herself.Over time a downward spiral at home, a marriage in need of attention and a child also with anxiety, Jo was having to dig deep to support her family but ultimately found that it is hard to give when you have got nothing left in the tank.

With meditation increasingly recognised as a tool for greater wellbeing, she decided to give it a try. Starting out with a few different meditation techniques, she soon discovered Vedic meditation and has not looked backsince. Within weeks of practicing Jo was noticing a shift. Feelings of joy and contentment were creeping back into her life like some kind of sneaky magic… This idea that meditation is good for you was starting to ring true. She found herself flowing through the day with more energy, more ease and grace, more love and compassion for herself and those around her, more happiness and less snappiness!

Jo lives in Sydney, Australia.

Jo's Retreat

Restore your energy through Vedic meditation

Much too often our lives are full of stress, tension and fatique, making it difficult to cope with the challenges life throws at us. We do not take the time to stop to rest or relax, harming ourselves in the process. If you are looking for more calm, clarity, energy and wellness in your life, this retreat is for you. View retreat details