Maxine Yeates

maxine yeates yoga teacher

Retreat leader Maxine Yeates is no stranger to Oneworld Retreats, having visited Kumara on many occasions. She knows firsthand the life changing benefits and the power of a retreat and is delighted to return as guest leader and to share her knowledge and passion.

Maxine’s love of all things yoga has been instrumental in her taking the leap from a busy career in the corporate world to a full-time yogi. Maxine has led a number of Urban Retreats in her home town Melbourne, as well as running her own Corporate Yoga business and teaching in several popular studios.

Maxine enjoys teaching a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Philosophy, pranayama and meditation are skilfully interwoven throughout her teaching, providing guests with a complete yoga experience. Maxine believes that yoga is for everybody, and if you can take a breath you can do yoga. So whether you are an established practitioner or completely new to yoga, Maxine invites you to join her on this wonderful, soul-enriching journey back to self.


Maxine's Retreat

Moving into Balance –  Yin & Yang Retreat

Often in our busy lives we find it challenging to find stillness and this can leave us feeling depleted, drained and lacking vitality and joy. This retreat is designed to recalibrate and bring balance to the energies by harmonising the yin and the yang aspects of our being. View retreat details