It is often said of Martine that she radiates a fine energy. Her genuine interest to care for others has won her respect amongst her students and peers. The combination of her vibrant personality, her enthusiasm for life and passion for yoga makes her classes truly enjoyable for both adults and children.
Born in France, Martine grew up near the Atlantic coast. She is currently living in London but takes every opportunity that arises to be near the ocean. Martine is a strong believer that life is about finding the equilibrium that allows for true expression of the self.

Alongside a rewarding career in the wine trade as a buyer and educator, she has also been keen to pursue her interest for Yoga. She is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher and has a Diploma in Teaching Meditation to Adults and Children having studied under Swami Saradananda's tutelage.

Her curious nature and voracious thirst for knowledge led her to study various styles of Yoga (Sivananda, Ashtanga & Iyengar, Vinyasa, Acrobatic Yoga), which allow for more creativity in her teaching.

In 2009 she successfully completed a course to enable her to teach Yoga to Children.

Martine's method of teaching reflects her personality; dynamic, nurturing, safe and encouraging.

A few words from Martine.

I got introduced to Yoga whilst living in the US back in 1997, but it was in London that a strong interest arose through attending regular Iyengar classes. My years practising at the London centre taught me the fundamentals and importance of proper body alignment. The more I practised and the more I loved the feeling of grounding and well being.
My experience as a Yoga practitioner spans over a decade, but it was in 2006 that I felt ready to further my knowledge and share my passion for Yoga.
I enrolled into a 240h Teaching Course under the expert guidance of Dr Elena Voyce at TeachYoga, in London. This course is Yoga Alliance accredited and respected for meeting and exceeding the international standards set by that organisation. I regularly attend practical and theory workshops led by respected yogis  and Swamis to ensure that my teaching is always evolving and up to date. I teach group and private classes in London and lead Yoga retreats abroad. My way of teaching is definitely dynamic with a relaxed and fun feel to it. Yoga is about harmony where body, mind and spirit can be best expressed to allow for true benefits to be achieved. I strive to bring out that harmony through the proper use of postures, breathing and relaxation aiming for a thrilling and enlightening experience.

I have always been in great admiration on how children can express their spontaneity and inner joy.  However, life circumstances might mean that they are at times suffering from stress, which in return can have long lasting damaging effects on their self development and performances. I truly believe that Yoga helps children to retain that inner joy and help sow the seeds for a happy, healthy life.

The benefits of yoga to children are numerous and well documented. Amongst some benefits children practising yoga/relaxation performs better at school. They improve self confidence and can adapt better to challenging situations

On a selfish note teaching to children is so much fun and gives me a great opportunity to let the child that resides within comes out.