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I tried Panchakarma for one week, one of the most effective detox experiences - possibly the best thing you can do to heal yourself and reconnect with your body, mind and soul.Read on »


"Ever wondered if a yoga retreat is for you? Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner, here are ideal reasons to go on a yoga retreat."Read on »


The Unlikely Yogi: A week on my Balinese Yoga Retreat
“I’m awoken to the scent of burning incense simmering to my room from the open-plan yoga studio below, and upon sleepily opening my heavy-set, wooden sliding doors, I’m greeted pleasantly by a simple porcelain tea-for-one, hand-brewed lemon juice, ginger and honey dwelling inside. This is just one of the many humbling gestures offered unconditionally on a day to day basis by the creators of ONEWORLD retreats – whole-heartedly inviting you to Escape the World.” Read on »

ORGANIC WOMAN, Russian Website - NOVEMBER 2016

Не требуется много времени, чтобы раз и навсегда убедиться: таких мест как остров Бали, на земле очень мало. И дело не просто в фантастической красоте первозданной природы, изумрудных рисовых полях и бордово-оранжевых закатах, у этого острова есть магия: особая, необъяснимая, но притягивающая с первой минуты.” Read on »


“If you’re looking for an experience beyond a handful of cheap sarongs and Bintang tanks, Oneworld Retreats in Bali may be just the ticket. The retreat is run by Dr Aparna and Dr Joshi who are experienced Ayurvedic practitioners from India. They are excellent facilitators and do a wonderful job in bringing Ayurveda to guests in an accessible way.” Read on »


“There are places you’d rather not tell anyone about. Places that feel sacred and unspoiled, where only people in the know go to nurture their mind, body and soul. ONEWORLD retreats in Ubud, Bali is most definitely one of those.” Read on »


“For the yoga advocate travelling in search of mindfulness, Bali is always a good idea. So what are some of the hottest yoga retreats in Bali right now?” Read on »


“Yoga retreats are the new wave of holidays, ridding us of all distractions and allowing us to fully relax.” Read on »


“Whether it is an early morning yoga class, a sunset surf, gourmet living foods or simply a chance to spend time in beautiful, natural surroundings, Bali is riding the wave of wellness tourism. Oneworld retreats invite guests to delve more deeply into transformative programs that centre around yoga, self awareness and health.” Read on »

From the Grapevine - MAY 2016

7 worldwide yoga resorts where rest and relaxation are king
"With just 14 rooms at the resort, this retreat retains its intimate, away-from-it-all atmosphere even when full." Read here »


Alexandra Kovacova is a Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. ''I live to travel, I travel to live!'' During her month travel in Bali, she attended an Ayurveda and Yoga retreat with us.

Ayurveda and Yoga One World Retreats Bali – day 1 and 2
Day 1 and 2 experience »

Ayurveda and Yoga One World Retreats Bali - day 3
Day 3 experience »

Ayurveda and Yoga One World Retreats Bali - day 4
Day 4 experience »

Ayurveda and Yoga One World Retreats Bali - day 5 detox
Day 5 experience »

Ayurveda and Yoga One World Retreats Bali - day 6 and 7
Day 6 and 7 experience »

The Chapman Guides - April 2016

"Feel like getting away from it all next month? We’ve scoured the region and sourced five of the best wellness getaways happening in April..." read on »

Fathom Away - FEBRUARY 2016

A Balinese Retreat Where You Keep Calm and Carry On in Silence
Over on the other side of the globe, Aussie journalist Jenny Hewett has been hearing a lot about Bali wellness retreats where guests are asked to remain silent. When Hewett checked into Ubud's Kumara Sakti, she did so very quietly. Read her review here »


Australian-born Judy Chapman is the former Editor-in-Chief of 'Spa Asia' magazine and the previous spa columnist for Wellbeing Magazine and author of 4 non-fiction books on spas and health. She founded The Chapman Guides which consists a team of tuned-in wellness explorers who love to travel the world, seeking and experiencing high-vibraiton healing, spas and retreats, nourishing foods, yoga, dance and fitness - all of which results in a curation of the best of the best in wellness travel. Read her retreat story here »

Australian Yoga Journal - January 2016

ME time
Jacqui Lang shares her transformation experience during her stay with us on Australian Yoga Journal. Read her experience here »


Love Beauty is one of Russia’s largest online magazine for women providing useful information about the current fashion, trends, health and travel. Journalist Anastasia Kokeeva was inspired to write about her experience during her Escape the World retreat. View the article »

GoodThings Magazine

Finding Balance in Bali
From lush rice paddies to cloud-shrouded peaks, Marie Barbieri finds that the Indonesian island has the power to detox and heal. Marie Barbieri shares her experience of attending our retreat on UK's Good Things Magazine.

The Bali Bible

Our 'Must-Spa' List to Experience in Bali for 2016
Most yogi’s have heard of Oneworld Retreats, the first destination on the island to offer year-round wellness retreats. Opening May 2016 will be their second retreat destination Oneworld Ayurveda that will be facilitated Dr. Aparna and a team of practitioners. Situated in the hills of Ubud, the boutique retreat resort will offer 7, 14 and 28 day Ayurveda Panchakarma detox retreats tailored to stress, detox and insomnia. View the list »

AsiaSpa magazine

AsiaSpa magazine is a luxury lifestyle and travel publication dedicated to the pursuit of complete wellbeing. Read their endorsement of our Immerse Yourself in Bali retreat Click here »

Aum the World

Aum the World is a blog written by former retreat participant Caitlyn. She was inspired to write through her retreat experience with us.

Brands Today Dubai October 2015

Brands Today Dubai is a high-end, luxury lifestyle magazine which offers a panoramic view of the trends, perspectives, innovative projects and creative ideas that are emerging from markets and brands across the globe.

Good morning world

Good morning world is a travel blog by Melanie, a German flashpacker who has travelled to 27 countries in 5 continents and counting. You can read her article (in German) of her experience with ONEWORLD retreats here. »


YogiApproved™ is a community for yogis to discover, share and enjoy all things yoga. We are proud to be among their list of fantastic and affordable yoga retreats

Le Bon Vivant – June 2015

Le Bon Vivant is a blog by Rachi Perera, a self-confessed bon vivant based in Canberra, Australia. She shared her experience during our Escape the World retreat in June here »

Style Magazine – August 2015

Style is a lifestyle magazine published by Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. Read a short interview with ONEWORLD retreat co-founder and Follow Your Dreams retreat leader, Claude Chouinard, here »

YogaLife Middle East October 2015

YogaLife is the first mind, body and spirit magazine in the Middle East. We are honoured to have an entire article dedicated to ONEWORLD retreats.
Read the article here »

Awakenings Middle East September-November 2014

Awakenings Middle East is a magazine dedicated to the rapidly-growing wellbeing, fitness and alternative health community in the UAE. We are proud to be featured. Preview the article here »

Weight Watchers Australia & New Zealand - October 2015

Weight Watchers Magazine is one of Australia's leading health and fitness magazines. We are honoured to be mentioned in Simone McClenaughan's article. View the article here »

STYLE CRAZE - JULY 2015 is every woman's one-stop shop for advice on beauty, wellness and lifestyle. We are proud to be listed as one the the most popular yoga retreats in Bali. Check out the article here »

Yoga Aktuell - June 2015

Yoga Aktuell is a leading German yoga and spiritual lifestyle magazine. Matthias Beck of Yoga Aktuell has written an article about a dream holiday in Bali with ONEWORLD retreats. Danke schön. Read the story here »

Travel to Wellness – June 2015

Travel to Wellness is the first editorially driven online magazine catering specifically to the growing number of wellness-minded travellers and the expanding spa and wellness travel niche. Read Wayan Partawan's perspective of Balinese culture and how you can experience it on Immerse Yourself in Bali retreat as published by Travel to Wellness. View the article here »

Edmonton Sun - May 2015

Edmonton sun is Canada's newspaper offering breaking news updates throughout the day and night bringing you the news as it happens, with stories, photos and video. Pamela Roth of the Edmonton Sun has written an article about our silent day activity during her retreat with us - An entire day without talking in Ubud, Bali. Read the article here »

inBali - May 2015

We are glad to be reviewed by and would like to thank Samantha Chalker for her insights. Read the article ‘What *really* happens on a Yoga retreat in Bali. here ».


Gabriela Domingo is the Editor of El Hedonista is Spain’s body, mind, soul travel magazine. She wrote her memorable experience of her Escape the World retreat with us. Read her article here »

Healthy Travel Hacks – April 2015

The Travel tips and ideas for the health conscious traveler. We are featured as one the top holistic and hearty destinations in the world! Read the article here »

Lisa Bryan, Downshiftology - March 2015

Lisa is a health and lifestyle coach, real food lover, globetrotter and kick-in-the-pants motivator for living a vibrant life. Lisa shares her one week of bliss as she experienced a wellness retreat, Pleasure the Senses. Read her article here »

Travel to Wellness – March 2015

Launched in 2004 Travel to Wellness is the first editorially driven online magazine catering specifically to the growing number of wellness-minded travellers and the expanding spa and wellness travel niche. As the most popular yoga retreat in Bali, ONEWORLD retreats is featured on the magazines wellness travel bucket list. Read the article here » is a Women's weekly magazine reporting the latest and popular topics of escapes, health, food, women and society, education. We are delighted to be featured as one of a unique destination for Zen holidays.
Read the article here. »

The Luxury Report – February 2015

The Luxury Report is a quarterly magazine aimed primarily at the high net worth individual. Whether in the office or on the move The Luxury Report is the ideal companion for those who make travel their business, and expect the very best that life has to offer. We are happy to be picked as one the top relaxing luxury yoga retreats in Southeast Asia. Read the article here »

I Love Health Blog - November 2014

Daisy is a health blogger who loves good food, guilt free pleasures, smoothies, running, fitness, yoga and snowboarding. She wrote about her experience during her Ubud Spa Vacation stay with us. Read her wonderful article here »


Life Through A Lens is dedicated to exploring and sharing the natural and cultural wonders of the world through writing and photography, and in doing so inspiring people to make conscious choices when travelling. Read the article on 8 reasons to go on a yoga retreat at ONEWORLD retreats here »

The Irish Sun - October 2014

The Irish Sun is Ireland's number one newspaper, with the latest local and global news, fashion, entertainment and sport! Read about the Irish Sun's journalist's experience of yoga and spiritual discoveries during their stay with us. View PDF »

Australian Yoga Journal magazine - August 2014

Australian Yoga Journal is the leading resource on yoga, meditation, spirituality and healthy lifestyle, with expert advice, yoga classes and great tips. Read the wonderfully written article about us 'A Journey Inwards' here »

Asia Spa Magazine - July/august 2014

The holistic, eco-friendly ONEWORLD retreats centre in Bali invites guests to experience the Six Senses Meditation, Awakening & Discovery Retreat of July 6 -12. Unlock your inner wisdom and experience by the many benefits of meditation. Read the article here » and view the wellness calendar PDF »

Yoga Aktuell - July 2014

Yoga Aktuell is a leading German yoga and spiritual lifestyle magazine. Our serene resort and retreats is featured in the July issue. Read the story here »
English version »

Ubud Guide Book

Richard Mann is a writer/publisher of over 90 books on or about Indonesia. In his 46-year-long career as a media professional, he has worked in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and public relations. This time, Richard wrote an inspiring article about ONEWORLD retreats on Living Our Dreams - Pleasing The Senses. View the PDF »

Aspire Magazine

Founder and CEO of Zenbali, Claude Chouinard was featured in the Heart and Vision category on Management with A Difference in this entrepreneur magazine. Here Claude shared his vision on creating balance and flow in the holistic business. View the PDF »

The Global Goddess - April 2014

The Global Goddess is an editor and journalist who has spent 25 years working on newspapers and magazines in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Singapore. The 2006 Australian Travel Writer of the Year (Trade/Industry) and Jack Butters Memorial Award for Travel Writing Excellence winner has also contributed to two travel books - Best Foot Forward; and Red Dust and Wanderlust. In 2007, she won the title of Best Australian Story over 1000 words.
She wrote about her experiences with us on her travel blog. Read her article about 'Escape the World' here

in the Loop - April 2014

intheLoop (ITL) is Singapore's first online magazine dedicated to yoga, fitness, healthy eating, mind health and lifestyle related topics. A wellness wire that keeps you in-the-loop on the latest events, workshops, and a place to find out more about yoga and connect with the yoga and health community. Read a fantastic review about us - Escape in Into Bliss

Yogi Times - April 2014

Yogi Times was born out of a vision to unify a community of people who were all seeking a unique lifestyle. Journalist Ariadna Bakhmatova wrote about her experiences with us. Letting go and having pleasures at Kumara Sakti. Read her article here

The Jakarta Post Travel - March 2014

Your window to explore the beauty of Indonesia. Famous for its bold and independent style, the Jakarta Post has launched, ready to inspire all travelers to explore Indonesia, complete with photographs and videos. Read the wonderfully written article about us published by the Jakarta Post Travel here

OH MY YOGA Magazine- March 2014

We are delighted to be listed as one of the most beautiful and inspirational resort for a yoga holiday in the online Dutch yoga, mind & lifestyle magazine, Oh My Yoga. View the article here

Shanghai Talk Magazine - February 2014

Shanghai TALK is the longest-running English language magazine in China and the authority on SH life. Read the article about ONEWORLD retreats signature Escape the World retreat here

Natural Health Magazine - January 2014

Natural Health - feel good, look good, do good. Calm your mind and centre your body by going on a retreat. Read the coverage on our retreat here - December 2013 is a very popular online media portal in the United States. It provides freelancers with a platform to share their knowledge and expertise through informative and entertaining content. ONEWORLD retreats was featured in the Life Spirituality column as a retreat where you can escape the frigid temperatures in NY and reconnect with your inner Self. Read the article here

Jakarta Globe - December 2013

Jakarta Globe is Indonesia's no.1 English news business publication. It brings readers unrivaled, authoritative reporting and writing in English on Indonesia, Asia and the wider world. Escape the World was featured is a retreat in the Kumara Sakti resort - a paradise far from city mayhem. View the PDF

Asia Spa Magazine - November & December 2013

The holistic, eco-friendly Oneworld retreat centre in Bali invites guests to experience their latest Escape The World retreat from November 24 - 29 and December 15 - 20. Enjoy their signature two and- a-half-hour Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara Massage to balance energy and purify the body. View the PDF

Kindred Spirit Magazine - October 2013

A leading guide to the mind, body and spirit. Kindred spirit is UK's oldest spirituality magazine website. 'Escape the World' to Bali is listed as an inclusive relaxing retreat to escape from daily routines. Read more here

Daily and Sunday Express - October 2013

Escape the World retreat is featured as one of the top 10 inspiring weekend getaways. Escape on a special retreat package in Bali with yoga and meditation included. Read more here

Radiant Magazine - October 2013

Radiant Magazine offer an array of tools, techniques and services for physical, personal and spiritual growth. The aim is to offer a fresh modern approach to Mind, Body Spirit and Holistic Living, to inspire and motivate our readers, to empower themselves and live a life aware of our connection to the universal life force energy, respectful of our beautiful host, Mother Earth. Read about our retreat 'Escape the World' featured in this issue

Adelto - September 2013

Adelto is an online magazine that features contemporary homes, travel, interiors, style and furniture from companies, brands and individuals from around the globe. ONEWORLD retreats are featured as one of the 12 Luxury Yoga retreats from around the world. Read more

Lucuma Magazine - September 2013

Lucuma is a magazine about the new age lifestyle, written and created by the people who are surfing the waves of change. Read about Escape the World in Bali from page 64 to 71. Read more

New You Magazine Dubai - September 201

"Perfect for: solo travellers looking for a spiritual retreat with great yoga, Spa treatments and anyone eager to learn more about traditional Balinese culture." View the PDF

The Green Familia - August 2013

ONEWORLD retreats signature Escape the World retreat was featured in the August edition of The Green Familia - an eco-friendly shopping blog for lifestyle, family, home and entertainment. Find our retreat article here

World Life Style - August 2013

World Lifestyle featured ONEWORLD retreats as one of the gorgeous retreats around the world. See breathtaking pictures here

Yoga Magazine Norway - August 2013

Our 'Escape the World' retreat was featured in the August edition of the 'Yoga for Dig' online magazine. Read the story on this daily online yoga source for Norwegian yogis here

Vegan Magazine USA - August 2013

Vegan Magazine wrote about us for their August edition. Read the article about ONEWORLD retreats signature Escape the World retreat

Yoga magazine Germany - August 2013

Ariadna Bakhmatova wrote about us for the second edition of Germany's newest yoga magazine. Read her article about ONEWORLD retreats here

Asia Spa - July & August 2013

"Set within the tropical jungles of Bali, the new Purity Retreat for body, mind and soul offers an idyllic opportunity for rejuvenation. From July 14 - 19, immerse yourself in the healing arts with the help of wellness practitioner Natalie Bondine..." View PDF

Asia Spa - July & August 2013

"Ariadna is a journalist. She has a passion for yoga and holistic health and stayed at our resort in Ubud on March 2013. She wrote about her experiences at Kumara for Huffington Post. Read her article about ONEWORLD retreats here

Petra Carlsson

We had the pleasure of having Swedish journalist Petra Carlsson with us at Kumara. She wrote about her stay with us for the September 2011 issue of Your Life magazine. Read her article here

Angie Orth

In 2010 Angie decided to go on a year long solo trek around the world. One of her stops was Bali and she joined our Escape the World retreat in March 2011. She wrote about her experiences on her blog Here you can find her stories about the first days of the retreat, the day of silence and the bike ride.

Jackie Randles

Jackie is an Australian freelance writer who joined our Escape the World retreat in October 2010. She wrote about her experiences for Wellbeing Magazine. Read her article here

Di Bauwens

The West Australian's Out and About editor Di Bauwens wrote about her stay at Kumara in April 2010. Read her article in The West Australian here

Dagmar van der Neut

It was a pleasure welcoming Dagmar van der Neut at ONEWORLD retreats Kumara. As a journalist and psychologist she writes about evolution, animals, relationships, psychology, travelling, wellness and yoga. Dagmar joined our Escape the World retreat and wrote a special 8 pages coverage for Yoga magazine.

Read her article in Dutch about Escape the World here.

For more information about Dagmar van der Neut, visit her website.

Natalie Bannister

Travel writer Natalie visited Kumara in 2009 and wrote about the Escape the World retreat for Holidays for Couples Magazine! Natalie has spent the last decade journeying across the globe in search of unique experiences. She had the chance to combine her love for travel with her passion for yoga, joining the Escape the World retreat at Kumara in August of 2009, where she had the pleasure of photographing and writing about it for Holidays for Couples magazine. Inspired by her week with Iyan at the retreat, she has since gone on to complete her own yoga teacher training in Byron Bay, Australia, and is counting down the days until she can return to Ubud to reclaim the little piece of her heart she left there. Read her article here
Digital version

Monique Jansse

Monique's journey as a travel journalist brings her to the most beautiful places in the world. Telling others about her travels through magazines and travel guides is her passion. On her visit to Bali she experienced our unique spa treatments and wrote about it in Happinez Magazine here

Alicia Power

Alicia is a well known writer in the world of Spa and Wellness. Residing in Australia, Alicia leads retreats and does international consulting on-line. In August 2008, Alicia wrote two articles regarding ONEWORLD retreats program with famous chef Chris Salans, owner of Mozaic restaurant in Ubud. Read her article here

Robin Sparks

Robin is an American freelance writer residing in Istanbul, Turkey. Bali is deep into her heart and Robin enjoys her time on the island. In January 2009, Robin wrote about ONEWORLD retreats. This article is available for publishing. Read her article here

Michele Cempaka

Michele is a local writer living here in Bali. Michele has written about her experiences as she experienced Escape the World. This article is available for publishing. Read her article here

Korakot Punlopruksa

Better known under the name Nym , she is a writer and photographer based and born in Bangkok. Nym's passion is travel, food, people and new experience. From Croatia coast line to the Andaman archipelago, from the bicycle town of Amsterdam to the ancient modern Kyoto Japan, from the dirt brown wide open space of Mongolia to the verdant terrace of Bali... She has excuses to go anywhere. Nym has written for ELLE DECOR, MARIE CLAIRE, BANGKOK POST and others.
Nym visited us for the second time in 2009 and participated in our Escape the World retreat. Read her article about Escape the Word in Marie Claire magazine here

Rachel Roberts

Rachel has been traveling around the world through yoga, a path that has lead her to host her first solo retreat April 12-17 2009, in Ubud. She wrote about her experiences with working with ONEWORLD retreats. Read her article here

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