Natalie Bondine is a Wellness practitioner currently living in Melbourne, Australia. With more than 12 years of personal experience in natural health and various healing modalities, Natalie has been practicing, teaching, writing professionally on various health related issues for over eight years. She is specializes in all things Detox and owns a busy practice Purity BodyMindSoul in Melbourne: sharing various healing & detoxification therapies.

Natalie has lectured at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney in Anatomy & Physiology, as well as appeared on radio sharing the benefits of cleansing through Colon Hydrotherapy.

Through her work which spans the past decade, Natalie has developed a unique detox program- 3O Days to Radiance after training with Michelle King – a top trainer for Anthony Robbins Companies; and these steps are shared at  her hugely popular 3O Days to Radiance Cleanse.

Through her work on deeper, more emotional levels Natalie is “work in progress” and has used cleansing and detoxification as a tool to facilitate change and growth in herself and clients to help them live their most healthful vital life!
She is a Raw Food enthusiast with a strong belief in the energy and life force of the food we eat.
Natalie’s extensive knowledge and experience  and caring ability of all issues relating to detox, as well as her accessible, positive and inspiring take on “eating for energy”, makes her the most sought after detox practitioners in Australia today.

She can be contacted through the website: