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Our featured instructor is Joanna Penn, a popular workshop leader and speaker, andthe author of 3 non-fiction books, “How to Enjoy Your Job”, “From Idea to Book” and “From Book to Market. Joanna is currently writing her first fiction novel and is a renowned expert on digital branding for authors and online entrepreneurs, with an online following of over 11,000 people and growing.
Joanna’s blog at has been named one of the Top 5 Australian Writer’s Blogs as well as being named in Problogger’s Top 30 Bloggers to Watch in 2010. She has an extensive following on Twitter @thecreativepenn and tweets useful links on writing, publishing and marketing. Joanna is the creator of the Author 2.0 Course Using Web 2.0 tools to write, publish, sell and promote your books. You can read the top 25 articles on The Creative Penn 2009 here. Joanna also has a regular podcast featuring author interviews, information and inspiration on the same topics.

“Fabulous content, dynamic entertaining speaker. Joanna absolutely delivered far more than expected! If you want to be an author, Joanna and The Creative Penn is the place to start! Thank you.” Lisa Murray, Revive Coaching Lisa MurrayRevive Coaching, Australia
““How lovely to learn the easy way by being able to take advantage of someone else’s real world experiences and being shown the pitfalls to avoid. This has been very illuminating, motivating time-saving and also really enjoyable. Can’t wait to start!”

Alison Wilson, Sydney, Australia

“Joanna Penn is a virtual bank of knowledge of how to write a book. What she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! Great website tools and suggestions also.”

Kerri Rodley, Domestic Downsizing, Brisbane, Australia

"Joanna's personality is electric, her humour really shines through. Her knowledge is extensive. I have come away feeling motivated, inspired and confident. Tonight was invaluable, I feel really grateful and positive. Thank you."

Louisa Schwarz, Brisbane, Australia

“…very informative and useful information. Very detailed and valuable. What a power source of great knowledge. Thank you.” 

Janelle Manton, Top Secret Women’s Business, Brisbane, Australia

“What a great introduction to becoming a published author. I actually now believe it’s possible for me. Loved your gentle and clear energy”

Emma Creed, Brisbane, Australia.

“Joanna Penn is an able, positive, good-humoured facilitator and teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of a burgeoning and volatile field, especially in matters of writing and publishing.”

Michael Doneman, Edgeware, Brisbane, Australia

“Joanna is bright, cheerful, bubbly and entertaining. She is incredibly informative and generous with her experience and knowledge.”

Bev Ryan, Women’s Publishing Network, Australia

“Joanna, thank you for a high energy inspiring session. You can see your passion through your presenting and you are ‘real’. Great stuff!”

Nicole Murray, Hot Choc Coaching, Brisbane, Australia


Also teaching - Robin Sparks, the facilitator of writing workshops around the globe and a writer herself whose stories and photographs have appeared in hundreds of magazines and newspapers. Robin was the designer and editor of EscapeArtist.comís Travel magazine, columnist for Reno Gazette Journal and Escape Artist.comís Whereís Robin? Columns. She has written for major magazines around the world, and has been a prolific blogger since 2003 at She is the founder and owner of Oneworld ltd Ė a company that facilitates writing workshops around the world and provides private accommodations for global travellers.. Robin Sparks is currently writing a memoir about her global search for a new country and the lives of the expats she met along the way.